Exit Eden

A Rock Symphony

I was first introduced to the band by Alexa Wayne, she had explained to me that they had covered the song, Incomplete by The Backstreet Boys comparing their music to a rock symphony.

She had reassured me that the covered version by Exit Eden honored the original, and that despite being a fan of The Backstreet Boys, she enjoyed the cover even more. Despite my reluctance toward cover bands, I gave their album, Rhapsodies in Black, a chance and enjoyed the symphony flair added to tracks I’ve heard before.

Exit Eden
Exit Eden

The all-female band consists of four singers each from different places around the world, which influences their method of creating music. Amanda Somerville, Clémentine Delauney, Marina La Torraca and Anna Brunner collaboratively come together in harmony to produce the unique sound. If you listen closely, you can hear the ranges of rock, heavy metal, pop, and even opera.

Amanda Somerville was born in Flushing, in the state of Michigan in the United States. Somerville was previously a member of Avantasia, Epica and Kamelot. Somerville’s vocals are inspired by heavy metal, which can be seen in her involvement with the band Trillium.

Exit Eden - Amanda Summerville
Exit Eden – Amanda Summerville

Her other experience with rock music stems from touring with Alice Cooper. She joined Exit Eden through her friendship with band mates Anna Brummer and Marina La Torraca.

Anna Brunner was born in Zurich in the country of Switzerland in Europe. She began singing at a young age, heavily influenced from hearing American music sung by her mother. Her father was born in Germany, which inspired her international travels. Brunner’s style of music follows traditional metal rock, or what can also be defined as screamo.

Exit Eden - Anna Brunner
Exit Eden – Anna Brunner

Brunner feels that vocals should feel free to express their emotions within the song passionately. I am always impressed by female vocalists who can mimic screaming in metal without causing too much strain to their vocal chords.

Marina La Torraca, born in Sao Paulo in the country of Brazil in South America. is like Brunner as she began singing at a young age as well. She sang in Avantasia with Exit Eden band mate Somerville. Interestingly, Torraca’s other vocal training comes from theater.

Exit Eden - Marina La Toracca
Exit Eden – Marina La Toracca

In German tours of the musical Rent, you can hear Torraca’s vocals in the ensemble. This made me enjoy the band even more by connecting it to Broadway. Her high soprano range can be heard in each song on the album.

Clémentine Delauney was born in Lyon, in the country of France in Europe. Delauney is a French soprano singer, who began singing by being a backup singer for the metal Austrian band Serenity. Her other vocal experience from being a singer in the French metal band Whyzdom.

Exit Eden - Clementine Delauney
Exit Eden – Clementine Delauney

By her band mates from Serenity, being friends with Brummer, Delauney joined Exit Eden as it’s fourth vocalist. She is able to add her high vocal ranges and previous experiences of being in other metal bands.

Symphonic metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music, combining classical orchestra instruments, like strings, bass, harps, with drums and guitars, etc. Some of the artists in symphonic metal bands are classically trained, like Marina La Torraca from Exit Eden. Other bands that follow this type of music style, are Evanescence, Within Temptation, Epica, and Therion to name a few.

Exit Eden had a vision in mind when creating their first album, to break down the stigma that rock music had to sound one preset way. They wanted to explore the symphony of blending their signature sound to popular songs. At first glance, some may be quick to judge them as a cover band.

Exit Eden - Rhapsodies in Black
Exit Eden – Rhapsodies in Black

Yes, they are using popular songs, but it is to serve as a spring board to get their sound in the media. Rhapsodies In Black, released by Napalm Records, was their debut album, and the band already plans to release a second album with songs originally written by them.

My favorite track on the album, is Skyfall originally sung by Adele. The original song is sung in a lower register than what I am used to hearing from Adele. The inspiration for the song was for one of the James Bond films of the same name, Skyfall. I do enjoy the opera tone Exit Eden places on this track and is used as inspiration when writing fantasy.

More on Napalm Records.

Burned it!

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