Top 10 Gothic Anime

Are you looking for the best gothic anime to watch? If so, check out my selection below ranging from classic anime to new ones. The ranking of the animes are listed from my least favorite to the one I cherish the most. So here’s my personal Top 10 Gothic Anime list!

10. Soul Eater (2008)


An anime series adapted by the manga of the same name by Atsushi Ohkubo. Each character in the anime is enrolled at the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA). Each episode is devoted to a different student at the academy, highlighting teenagers’ troubles of enduring high school and trying to improve their skills with their weapons.

Soul Eater
Soul Eater

My favorite character is named Maka for the reason that she loves reading books and gaining new knowledge. The show has similar themes as RWBY, yet Soul Eater can be predictable and focuses on a few characters and not all of them equally. The other character I like is Death, who is the supervisor the the students training.

9. Hellsing (2006)

An anime series adapted by the manga of the same name by Kouta Hirano. It follows the adventures of the Hellsing Organization, who works with the vampire Alacard, to serve the queen and help protect England against other supernatural creatures. Hellsing Ultimate, embodies the same characters, but has different storylines that Hellsing didn’t explore.



My favorite character is Alacard for the reason that he uses his power over the Hellsing Organization to get what he wants. Alacard is a vampire created by Van Hellsing to protect the generations of Hellsings after him. He envies mortals for they can move on to the next life after death unlike himself.

8. Bleach (2004)

The anime follows the life of high schooler, Ichigo Kurosaki, who is gifted with the ability to see spirits. When his home is attacked by a monstrous spirit, known as a hollow, he is rescued by the soul reaper named, Rukia Kuchiki. During the struggle, she is wounded and offers Ichigo her powers, which grants him the ability to become a soul reaper.



I liked how each group of soul reapers as a hierarchy based on power, leadership, and the ability to follow the captain who oversees all thirteen divisions. The anime and the manga have run longer than it needed because the writer wanted to invest in each storyline that highlights each character’s personal growth.

My favorite character is named Rangiku Matsumoto, the lieutenant of the tenth decision. She takes her job as a soul reaper seriously yet finds any excuse to have fun and drink sake with her friends. Her dedication to her captain and her values are inspiring, as it shows her key values.

7. D.N Angel (2003)

The anime follows a young teenage boy named, Daisuke Niwa. After failing to confess his feelings for his friend named, Risa Harada, he finds an old book in his house. Upon reading the inscription, his body undergoes a mutation. As night falls, he becomes DN Angel, a black winged thief.

DN Angel
DN Angel

Both identities have the goal of gaining Risa’s affection. The writers depicted Daisuke as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The version of Daisuke with the wings is a confident, chiastic person who comes across as being cocky. The human version of Daisuke, on the other hand, is shy, polite, respectful and comes across as being timid.

I preferred the winged version of Daisuke because he seemed like a more developed character.

7. Seven Deadly Sins (2014)

Princess Elizabeth Liones goes on a quest to search for the Seven Deadly Sins. Each member gifted with the abilities of each sin. Rumors were spread that the Seven Deadly Sins were capable of defeating the Holy Knights, so when a new war between her kingdom and the knights begins, she hopes that the Seven Deadly Sins can be her salvation.


The Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins

I liked how the show broke away from the stereotypes by linking each sin they represent with their personality. Even Elizabeth, the princess, that seeks out the sins to help her kingdom is brave, compassionate, and selfless. My favorite character is Ban whose sin is greed. He is an immortal character who had drank from the fortune of youth to save the fairy kingdom from being destroyed.

6. Black Butler (2006)

The anime follows the adventures of Sebastian Michaelis, while being the servant to the nobleman, Ciel Phantomhive. His other servants are unaware of the unique bond Ciel and Sebastian share. To save his life, Ciel made a pact with Sebastian, his soul in exchange for the demon’s servitude.


Black Butler
Black Butler

I enjoyed this anime because the writers do an excellent job of highlighting each character’s personality. Despite the dark tones of the show, the writers have allowed one of the main characters, Sebastian, to remain sarcastic and witty and uses his sense of humor to endure stressful situations.

4. xxxHolicxxx (2005)

The series follows Kimihiro Watanuki, a high schooler in the city of Tokyo in the country of Japan. While showcasing his relationships with his schoolmates, he is troubled with the ability to see spirits. On his way home from school, he is being chased by a ghost and stumbles into a wishing store. He learns that the shop is owned by a witch named, Yūko Ichihara.



I love this anime! Yūko was a time witch, who’s shop is used to offer magical remedies equal to the exchange of the situation she is trying to help resolve. Watanuki goes to her shop hoping to rid the ability to see ghosts. Yūko helps him better understand his gift and the best way to use it, yet in exchange when the time comes he must take over ownership of the shop.

3. Fate Stay Night (2004)

The anime follows the Holy Grail War, a fighting competition against the other players and the magic creature they’ve chosen to fight alongside them. The victor of the war is offered a chalice and allowed one wish to be granted. The anime is adapted by the manga by the same name released by Type-Moon.


Fate Stay Night
Fate Stay Night

It was interesting to see how each character tied back to history and mythology. The writers even changed the gender of historical figures to offer a different personality or perspective for the character. My own favorite is King Arthur. In Arthurian history, King Arthur is man, yet in the anime she is a woman. She is a crafted swords-woman and a valiant leader.

2. RWBY (2014)

The American animated series, which is not viewed as anime to some viewers. At Beacon Academy, young men and women are trained to fight the monsters known as Grim. The main antagonist, Ruby Rose, is the youngest to ever join Beacon Academy. She easily makes friends and creates Team RWBY, consisting of herself as leader, her older sister Yang, and their friends Blake and Weiss.



The show offers each character with a unique skill set and their strengths and weaknesses play off those skills. The Grim are the demons the huntsmen and huntresses fight with feds off fear and anger. Each season of the show, the writers have expanded the universe of Remnant by showing the audience different cities, schools, and societal class dynamics.

My favorite character is Yang, she is smart, determined, and willing to do anything to protect her sister Ruby.

1. Trinity Blood (2005)

My own personal favorite! The one I cherish above all!

The anime focuses on the war between humans and vampires. Helpless, the humans reaches for the help of the Vatican that are better equipped to deal with vampires and also, humans reaches for Abel who is a vampire, but does not nourish himself with mortal blood.


Trinity Blood
Trinity Blood

The writers stay truthful to the classic mythology of vampires. The main conflict of the anime focuses on the war between humans and the vamps. It’s interesting how the writers stepped outside of traditional victimology of vampires by having Abel feed off other vampires.

My favorite character is obviously Abel, because of his wit and optimistic outlook on life despite being a vampire. His appearance grants other characters to underestimate him until they need his help or advice.

I hope these recommendations were helpful and if you have other ideas, please let me know and I’ll surely take a look!

Burned it!

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