Jekyll Hyde Jewelry

When creating the perfect Gothic ensemble, it’s just as important to match your outfit with authentic jewelry. While researching vintage and medieval costume jewelry, I discovered Jekyll Hyde Jewelry through Facebook.

When ordering handmade jewelry, one fears about the quality of the finished product. I was searching for a locket to give away as a present, I received a beautiful vintage Gothic locket. The quality was very similar to anything I would purchase from a store or professional jeweller.


Jekyll Hyde Jewelry
Jekyll Hyde Jewelry

Emberly Lily Summers (ELS): How did you come up with the name Jekyll Hyde Jewelry?
Willow Shatten (WS): I came up with the name Jekyll Hyde just from the style I liked to create. I like pretty “girly” type of designs, but also dark and sometimes gory. Just the flip of the two things I enjoy making we’re very Jekyll Hyde while keeping with the horror/steampunk that I incorporate into many of my pieces.

ELS: Interesting, like the myth of Dr. Jekyll and Mt. Hyde, two opposites working in unison. So, what types of things inspire you?WS: What inspires me, I suppose everything does? The light and darkness of everything in life and in fantasy. Nature inspires my lighter side of things, while books and media (and my own imagination) inspire much of the fantasy and darker half of my work.

Jekyll Hyde Jewelry
Jekyll Hyde Jewelry

ELS: Yes, I agree. It is easy to become inspired by being emerged in nature. I find it’s also easy to draw inspiration from things that we read. Do you have a favorite book or author?
WS: My favorite author is Barb Hendee right now. Mostly the Dhampir series. I’m not sure if I’ve ever specifically created a piece from inspiration I got from those books, but they are my favorite.

ELS: That sounds interesting. I love fantasy and anything to do with elves, magic, vampires, etc.
WS: Well if you’re into Lord of the Rings type of world with undead, elves, and other fantasy creatures mixed in. Ha-ha. It’s a good time.

ELS: Speaking of dark themes, what do you consider to be Gothic?
WS: That’s difficult. I suppose it’s just as gothic is defined. Dark things? Or at least things with an underlying darkness to it. It does not necessarily have to Look dark for it to be gothic.

Jekyll Hyde Jewelry
Jekyll Hyde Jewelry

ELS: What has been your favorite piece to create?
WS: My favorite piece is also a difficult question. I don’t think I can really choose. It changes for me. I really do love to sculpt more than work with metal. So, I suppose any of my dragons and sculpted pieces would be my favorite to make.

ELS: I always love all your work. Aside from the locket you made for me, I would say any of your Victorian or Wiccan inspired necklaces are my favorite.
WS: Thank you, I always try to please the customers.

ELS: What’s your process when creating a commission?
WS: For commissions, I never really have a specific process. Each piece that is requested will start and end differently. I can say that I never plan out a piece before making it. I never draw it out first as an example. The base design will be in my head, but as I am making it, it will usually decide what to be on its own within the request’s priorities.

ELS: What products do you use in your jewelry?
WS: As for products within the products. That all varies. I work with almost everything and either repurpose it into a piece or make it from scratch like with clay and resin.

ELS: How long does each product take to make?
WS: Time per product varies greatly. A single piece, depending on what it is, can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 10 hours. Most of the sculpted pieces take the longest

ELS: How do you deal with customers who don’t know what to order?
WS: But I suppose I would just continue to suggest things as I normally do as politely as possible for those who don’t know what they want or aren’t very specific about what they want. It is easier when people give me free reign on the final design if I stick to a concept that they are looking for.

ELS: How do you ensure the customers will like the finished product?
WS: Sometimes they will try to be specific and keep asking for things to be changed when I send them pictures as I go so I make sure it is as they want it. I just try to do what I can to make sure they are happy with the final product. For the most part I ignore the rudeness. Considering I talk to people online like this, words can come across in a different way than they were meant, so I try not to assume that someone is being rude on purpose.

ELS: What hobbies do you enjoy participating in?
WS: Hobbies? I think I can mainly say my work is my hobby. I’m almost always creating things in my spare time. When I’m not even doing that, I’m either with friends or reading or doing something nature related (sports, camping, hiking, etc.)

ELS: What artists/ creators do you admire?
WS: I don’t think I necessarily admire anyone. I admire anyone I come across that puts their soul into art and shares it. I think it’s wonderful interested in getting a customized piece of handmade jewelry?

Burned it!

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