Unveiling Gothic Stereotypes

Stereotypes related to the Gothic Community are almost entirely wrong and we should probably address it. Because of these many and often silly misconceptions, rumors about the genre have grown rather out of control. Most people don’t have an inkling as to what it means to be Gothic, so let’s chat. 

Sugar Skull
Sugar Skull


Let’s start with these ten popular stereotypes about the Gothic Community that are *buzzer sound* WRONG

1. Gothic people wear black all year long.

Sure, black is certainly a beloved color among the Gothic community, but some Gothic people also wear tones like red, blue, green, purple, and even pink! Many of us love our white and silver accents, too!

Among our sub-genres, Cybergoths often wear neon colors and Pastel Goth wear a pale rainbow of colors. Honestly, some Gothic people will wear all white instead of black because they want to give off a hella ghostly appearance. 

2. Gothic people always wear black makeup.

Again, yes, Gothic people enjoy wearing dark tones of makeup to contrast against their commonly fair skin. However, those known as Perky Goths (we love our sub-genres, don’t judge) are mostly known to enjoy a sassy, vibrant palette. Our Steampunk folks love going Victorian, too.

3. Gothic people suffer from psychological problems.

Gothic people are mostly peaceful people in nature. Many of us are quiet and mostly introverted, but that doesn’t mean we automatically suffer any type of illness. We are not known to be comfortable in big crowds, but again, that is not a sign of anything except self-awareness that we feel quickly deprived of energy and need to be alone for recharging.

Can they have psychological issues? Sure, anyone can. Does being Gothic automatically equate to psychological issues? Of course not.



4. Gothic people only listen to heavy metal.

Oh goodness me. Big sigh.

Because there are many sub-categories to the Gothic Community such as Steampunk, Romantic/ Vampire, Traditional, Cyber, and Steam, and also because everyone is different from one another, our tastes in music varies widely.

Honestly? Tons of us enjoy opera and baroque, too, while others enjoy symphonic metal and soundtracks to their favorite video games.

5. Gothic People all look the same.

As each individual is unique, so are Gothic people. It’s that simple. There are no requirements to be part of the culture as it is a culture which manifests within a person themselves. There is no right or wrong way to be. Thinking we all look alike is a bit obtuse.

6. Gothic people are vampire wannabes.

Those who admire the vampire life are a sub-culture of their own. Just like all Kleenex is facial tissue, not all facial tissues are Kleenex. See what I mean? Those who enjoy the vampire life, though are part of the Gothic Community, do not encompass the whole genre. Although popular in many ways, vampires are one among many creatures that are appreciated in the community.


7. Gothic people have piercings and tattoos.

There are tons of people who have piercings and tattoos and are not related in any way to the Gothic Community. It is a personal choice, and again, is not a “requirement” of any kind. Choosing to alter your appearance is highly personal to the individual and not something to be associated with Gothic people alone. Some do, some don’t.

8. Gothic People are witches. 

This is a very popular belief with no real foundation. 

Gothic is a state of mind and an enjoyment of things that might be a little different than most hobbies with treasuring of little oddities here and there from a more forgotten past.

The Gothic Community has nothing to do with practicing magic as a whole.

Can’t express this enough, but Gothic people are just like any others. We are not sacrificing anything to anyone. Instead, you can find us on the couch listening to music while cuddling with our many cats or dogs with a good book, not in the woods summoning a dark presence.

Can they be Pagan or into witchcraft? Sure. Is it some Gothic “requirement?” No, of course not.



9. Gothic People have only one popular store.

Although it is true that many traditional Goths have a common look, many sub-genres of Gothic people have an intense need to be creative. This, of course, ends up requiring the help of many crafters and designers. These types of Goths often become a crafter themselves as to create a their own unique look. The Gothic Community has gifted many talented contributors to the artistic community.


Sugar Skull
Sugar Skull

10. Gothic People are night owls.

Despite Gothic people being known as having nyctophilia, or enjoying the comfort of the night, it certainly doesn’t mean we are allergic to sunlight. As mentioned, Gothic people are not vampires. We’re like any other group of people except that many of us enjoy nightlife and the peace and quiet the night brings.

But don’t worry, none of us bite 😉

Burned it!


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