Within Temptation

I was first introduced to Within Temptation, by searching for music videos of songs by Evanescence on YouTube. I instantly fell in love with the lead singer, Sharon Adel’s strong vocals. Its symphonic and classical influences set them apart from an over saturated musical scene.

Within Temptation
Within Temptation

When listening to their music, one can be easily inspired despite the dark tones discussed in their lyrics. In addition to the dark images expressed in their verses, the musical band focus more on using classical instruments and some have instrumental introduction even. Also, I’ve always wondered if Within Temptation‘s greatest inspiration was Mozart.

Lessons Of Passion

Sharonden Adel was born in the town of Waddinxveen in the Netherlands, part of the United Kingdom. During her youth, she observed the rich culture influencing her distinct classical music style. Despite never receiving singing lessons from a music instructor, also much of her training came from singing in her school choir. It left me impressed that she is self-taught given the vocal range heard in her songs.

“I love singing and had never received proper training, by actively participating in choir during college, it helped improve my singing and reinforced my confidence in performing art.” – Sharon den Adel


Within Temptation
Within Temptation

A Symphony Of Words

Her coloratura singing voice stands out from the other members of the band. Usually in a group I, myself, enjoy the drummer the most because the percussion provides the rhythm and tempo for the other instruments and from personal experience, when I was in a choir, not many singers could reach her high notes she the moment I heard her voice I was overwhelmed.

The band’s first taste of fame was from the website YouTube presenting the single Ice Queen. Following that success were other videos listed under another band’s name, which was Paradise Lost targeting people under the age of forty who enjoyed popular radio music.

After settling for the name Within Temptation it allowed them to focus their music around their preferable style, which include metal symphony, which again set them apart from the generic radio music invading our stations in the nineties.


Within Temptation
Within Temptation

After fifteen years of musical career, the band decided in 2017 to make a cover album they named The Q-Music Sessions from a variety of backgrounds and genres proving to their audience that they could be inspired from any type of music and make it their own.

One of the songs featured on the album is Titanium from David Guetta, which I much enjoyed before Within Temptation decided to give it a revamp and so now, I have to admit preferring their version to the original.

Making a cover album was great for the band as it permitted fans of heavier music to actually enjoy a song they would have otherwise never listened to if it wasn’t for the symphony Within Temptation provides.

The Unforgiven

When I am going through obstacles or days that I wished weren’t my own, I turn to my favorite album of theirs, which is called The Unforgiven – not to be mistaken with Metallica’s songs The Unforgiven from the Black Album and The Unforgiven II from the Reload album.

Their meaningful lyrics intertwining with their heavy symphony instrumental brings me peace and comfort. The song I cherish the most is named Fire & Ice speaking of passion and desire burning fears away as the cold numb the unknown spreading fear through your mind.

The theatrical play on the elements in these songs reminds me of a yin-yang symbol. Both light and dark properties are used in an interchangeable balanced way.


Within Temptation
Within Temptation

Despite releasing five albums over the last ten years, most of their songs that I continue to listen to, is from their first album Enter from which I listen to What Have You Done Now.

It inspires me somehow when writing either poetry or novels because of its fast rhythm. It doesn’t matter how many times I listen to it, it’s always as if I can find a new meaning every time I pay attention to the lyrics.

Burned it!

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