Diamond – A Ghoul’s Best Friend

April Stone: The Diamond

The Greeks called them “adamas” meaning indestructible. In Ancient India diamonds were worn for protection in battle. The diamond is known as the “fire of love” as they bring love and ward off evil. They are also believed to be the frozen tears of past princesses. No, let’s not “let it go” on that one, please.

Most people know how diamonds form, so I won’t bore you with the geology lesson. Also, most people know that diamonds have been mined for roughly four thousand years, so we can skip the history lesson too. 

However, I can mention the difference between what is known as “blood diamonds” and “ethical diamonds”. The difference between these two types of diamonds is how they are mined and where the funds go once these diamonds are sold.



“Blood diamonds” are labeled because as such because they are often mined using child labor and the money that is made from the sales of those diamonds go towards wars, weaponry or some unthinkable acts. While “ethical diamonds”, needless to say, represent the opposite of it, reminiscent of the fair-trade ethic.

The Break Down

Energy: Protection.
Planet(s): Mars (some say Venus too) and the Sun (which is a star, not a planet.)
Element: Fire (Duh, volcanic pressure.)
Powers: Spirituality, protection, courage, peace, reconciliation, healing, and strength.
Astrological signs: Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio and Libra.
Seventh Chakras: Crown/ Sahasrara.

Color & Magic

Pink: Romance, healing, peace.
Blue: Spirituality, healing, wisdom.
Yellow: Positive energy, sun, joy.
Orange: Sexuality.
Green: Fertility, motherhood.
Red: Increases success, strength.
White: Stability, spiritual wellbeing, reconciliation.
Black (white with a black spot): Worn to attract a mate.

Old World Magic

In ancient times diamonds were used to attract suitors (not all that different from today). Men wore them into battle. In fact, Generals wore diamonds to assure themselves victory. Diamonds were wore in battle by such historical figures as Julius Caesar (maybe he should have worn diamonds around his friends too, just an fyi.)



Another historical figure who worn diamonds was Napoleon, who lost only eight out of sixty battles. And Louis IV who reigned over France for seventy-two years, starting at the age of four! Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, always had a diamond with her for she believed that it would identify poisons that would be handed out to her.

All that while Hindus used diamonds for clarity and positive energy. Quite a different mindset! In history, diamonds were thought to keep the owner healthy, successful and free of evils.



If we put a little pin on the map for every culture that believed in the power of diamonds over the last three-thousand years many would be hard pressed to find a civilization that didn’t believe in the powers the diamond had.

Modern Day Magic

* No one will ever find a spell in my articles for I believe spells should be practiced by people who know about channeling energies. If you wish to be a witch, do your research and please, be careful and reach out to good witch mentors for your own good. Thank you for your understanding. *

That being said, diamonds are most definitely used in magic today and while the word itself is taboo in some cultures, diamonds are still being worn by millions around the world. In many civilizations they are still seen as signs of protection, positive light and energy.


Diamonds used in magic do not have to be the high polished, princess cut gemstone quality grade pieces that cost exorbitant prices. Diamond powder can easily be found on online retailers such as Amazon or Ebay for a few dollars. So, there it is: do your research carefully.



However, let me warn you to never use a broken diamond because a fracture or cracked diamond is considered dangerous. Also, never use a stolen diamond, they’re said to bring about negative energies. Moreover, remember that ingestion of diamond dust is considered toxic.

I would like to add that there are enough malicious intentions in this world, if you are to use magic and decide to be a witch, please, for your own good be a good and kind one. Magic is not without its price. So, be careful and blessed be.


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