Emerald City!

May Stone The Emerald

The word emerald comes from an old French word emeraude which was loosely translated from a variant of Latin smaragdus.  And, apparently, they stole the word from the Ancient Greeks. Basically, it simply means “green gem”, not very inspiring I know.

The earliest mining of these green shiny rocks was in Ancient Egypt on Mount Smaragdus (and now the name makes a little more sense.)

Emeralds & Seashells
Emeralds & Seashells


These mines were exploited by many cultures over the centuries. Today nothing remains of them but ruins. The largest excavation is now in Colombia, but emeralds have been found all over the world. Including the United States and Canada.

So, now we’re done history, geology and economic lessons. Haha.

The Break Down

Energy: Receptive.
Planet(s): Venus.
Element: Earth.
Deities: Thoth, Ceres, Isis, Surdurjaya, Vishnu.
Astrological signs: Taurus and Gemini.
Seventh Chakras: Heart.
Metals: Copper and Silver.
Powers: Love, money, mental powers, psychic, protection, exorcism, eyesight.

Healing and Magical

Body: Eyesight, heart, lungs, lymphatic system. Helps ease transitions in menopause.
Mind: Shielding, especially in highly emotional jobs. Prompts healing after breakups.
Magic: Emeralds can be used for past life regressions. It also banishes nightmares and protects against psychic attacks. It is known as the “stone of truth” as it protects the wearer from deception.

Old Time Magic

There isn’t a lot of old world magic associated with emeralds other than Ancient Egyptians believed the emerald granted eternal youth and the stones were often buried with the dead.


Apparently, this was done so they would be granted a fruitful afterlife. Additionally, Thoth was said to have gifted his followers with emeralds as a sign that spring would always return.

New world Magic

* Gothic Bite Magazine and/or any of the writers are not responsible for readers and/or followers that decide to experiment with what is said in this or any other articles. Gothic Bite Magazine is meant for entertainment ONLY. Thank you for your understanding. *

A lot of healing magic is associated with emeralds including mojo bags, charms and meditation. Interestingly enough, I also found that many gemstones, which includes emeralds can be used to create elixirs (please, do not drink stones!)



Again, as a reminder, I feel like it is my duty to let you know that magic and energy channeling are very meaningful things.

Please, if you decide to follow the path of witches, do your research carefully and find good and kind people to help you and guide you.

Emerald Stone
Emerald Stone


Also, please, use your head and do things that are good and right for the good of the elements, nature and people. There are enough horrible things going on in this world, do not add to it.

Remember: magic is not without its price.

P.S. Use your common sense, if you ever found on a website that Lord X and Lady Y did it and it was good and this and that, and to you it sounds either too good to be true or it sounds wrong, that’s because it is. Trust me or, better, do your research.

Blessed be,

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