K.M Scott – New York Times Best-Selling Author Interviewed by Gothic Bite!

Hi! I’m Gabrielle Bisset, a New York Times best-selling author of paranormal and contemporary romance (under my pen name K.M. Scott).

Before I became a full-time writer, I was a history professor for over a decade. I’m still a huge lover of history, which is why my Sons of Navarus paranormal romance series contains a lot of historical details.

I have two wonderful children and a herd of pets, since I can’t say no to strays. When I’m not writing paranormal or contemporary romance, I love to read thrillers and mysteries, along with anything historical about the Roman Empire, medieval period, and American history.

Emberly L. Summers (ELS):  When did you start writing, and what was the first story you wrote?

K.M Scott: I’ve been writing since I was a child, but my first romance story I wrote was in 2010. That was a story from my Destined Ones paranormal romance series that still sits in a drawer, hidden away from the world. But once I finished it, I knew two things: it wasn’t the greatest and I wanted to write another book, so I did.

Sons of Navarus Series - Blood Avenged - K.M. Scott
Sons of Navarus Series – Blood Avenged – K.M. Scott

E.L.S: What was the moment when you decided you wanted to become a writer? Did you pursue other career paths?

K.M Scott: I always loved reading, and in undergraduate school I was an English major, so I got to do a lot of my favorite activity and writing about those books I read. I think I knew I wanted to write professionally back then because those books inspired me, and I wanted to do that for others with my words, but I was a young mother with a small child, so the writing dream had to be put off.

I attended graduate school for history because it was another love of mine, and afterward, I began teaching. All throughout my education, I continued writing, just not fiction. But the dream remained inside me.

Sons of Navarus Series - Blood Betrayed - K.M. Scott
Sons of Navarus Series – Blood Betrayed – K.M. Scott

“Then in 2010, I looked around and said to myself, I can do this, and so I did.” – K.M. Scott, New York Times Best-Selling Author

E.L.S: I noticed you have two separate pen names, Gabrielle Bisset and K.M Scott. What made you decide to use more than one pen name, and are they used to different genres of novels?

K.M Scott: I decided to use a different pen name when I began writing contemporary romance because those books were so different from my Gabrielle Bisset books.

My paranormal romance is written is third person past point of view, and my contemporary romance is written in first person past or present point of view.

Sons of Navarus Series - Longing - K.M. Scott
Sons of Navarus Series – Longing – K.M. Scott

E.L.S: What inspires you as a writer, and do you draw inspiration from your real life?

K.M Scott: I’m inspired by music, by the books I read, by nature, and by the people I interact with every day. Everything I experience in real life seeps into my work.

Just this morning, I was running on the treadmill and watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie and an idea for a book came to me because of the plotlines in that show’s story. Everything and anything in my world can inspire me. I just make sure I stay open to that inspiration.

Sons of Navarus Series - Blood Spirit - K.M. Scott
Sons of Navarus Series – Blood Spirit – K.M. Scott

E.L.S: What’s your process when writing a new series?

K.M Scott: An idea for a new story comes to me, and then I begin fleshing it out. I’m a committed plotter and outliner, so that happens once the fleshing out begins.

That takes a while, but once all that preliminary work is complete, I begin writing. I write every day of the year, and I have a word count that I aim for every day.

E.L.S: What type of authors inspire you, and do you have any favorites?

K.M Scott: I find authors who show readers through their work that they crafted a story to be the ones who inspire me. Attention to detail and a love of craft comes through loud and clear.

Sons of Navarus Series - The Deepest Cut - K.M. Scott
Sons of Navarus Series – The Deepest Cut – K.M. Scott

I love the authors I read in those English classes in college who made me want to be a writer. I’m currently reading Robert Galbraith, and I love the care she takes with her stories. Galbraith is JK Rowling‘s pen name for non-Harry Potter series.

E.L.S: As a writer of paranormal romance, do you consider yourself to be a romantic?

K.M Scott: I’m an old-fashioned romantic, as opposed to what most people would think of as romantic today. Things like subtle gestures and tiny but knowing glances between people are the kind of things I find romantic.

Sons of Navarus Series - Blood Prophecy - K.M. Scott
Sons of Navarus Series – Blood Prophecy – K.M. Scott

E.L.S: How did you react when you saw your novel became a New York Times Best-Seller? Did it add any additional pressure when writing the new book?

K.M Scott: When the list came out, I cried. And I’m not a crier by any stretch of the imagination. But I cried and jumped around my desk in my office as I called all my friends and family and told them.

Sons of Navarus Series - Blood Craving - K.M. Scott
Sons of Navarus Series – Blood Craving – K.M. Scott

“I am everything you fear. I am Vampire.” – Sons of Navarus Series, K.M. Scott


There are a few incredible moments in life that always make me smile. When I found out that I hit the New York Times best-seller list for the first time is one of them. I didn’t feel any additional pressure on any of the succeeding books because I’ve always written the stories my characters told me. Some are very successful, and some haven’t found their audience yet.

E.L.S: What do you consider to be Gothic?

K.M Scott: Anything with a darkness and mystery to it makes me think Gothic. My historical mind immediately wants to say that gothic is medieval in nature, but my reader mind says it’s brooding and romantic.

On top of that, gothic often has that supernatural thread that runs through it. Even before I had a true sense of what gothic was, I gravitated toward books like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. I guess I’ve been loving gothic things since junior high.

Sons of Navarus Series - Blood Eclipse - K.M. Scott
Sons of Navarus Series – Blood Eclipse – K.M. Scott

E.L.S: Would you like any of your stories to be adapted into a play or movie? If so, which ones in particular?

K.M Scott: I think the Sons of Navarus series would be a great movie. It might have to be a series event spanning more than two hours, though, because it’s a huge story. I think my Corrupted Love Trilogy would be great as a film too.

That series has criminal elements, jealousy, and family secrets while at the same time possessing a strong love story between two people caught in a world they can’t control. It’s got a mixture of darkness and light that I love.

Visit K.M. Scott's Website
Visit K.M. Scott’s Website

E.L.S: What other hobbies do you like to participate in aside from writing?

K.M Scott: I love watching movies, reading, and when the weather is warm, spending time outside.

Follow KM Scott on Facebook
Follow KM Scott on Facebook


E.L.S: Do you have any advice to writers starting out or write paranormal romance?

K.M Scott: Writers starting out should read a lot, and not necessarily in their own genre. Great stories come from minds that have experienced a variety of ideas.

I always know when I read a romance from a writer that reads outside the genre. Those stories are deeper and bigger. They affect me more.

Follow KM Scott on Facebook
Follow KM Scott on Facebook

E.L.S: Thank you, for taking the time to answer my questions. If you’d like to learn more about K.M. Scott and read her amazing novels, than check her out at your local bookstore or online!


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