Mrs. Blackwood

Vampires, don’t exist. That’s what we are taught. Paranormal is not real. That’s what we are told. Yet, there are so many encounters with those that shows are displaying on television for us to see. It has us thinking: what if it was real? And that’s how Mrs. Blackwood was born.

Mrs. Blackwood After being attacked by creatures she never thought existed, Coralie woke up to a new life as Mrs. Blackwood and yet, has next to no recollection of getting married. Coralie never thought it possible to fall for someone so fast. Her husband, Mr. Blackwood, confessed to be of both vampire and werewolf blood and promised to free her from him once she would be safe from his enemy which they realized was closer than they thought and again, changed Coralie’s life when she learned of her own bloodline.


Mrs. Blackwood is the first instalment in The Impaler series. Nightmares will be unleashed, a monster from the past will be revived while all the He ever wanted will have turned out to be impossible. His illusion was his only mistake.

– Mrs. Blackwood summary

When the story of Mrs. Blackwood submerged in my head, I wanted to create something short and that would subtly introduce my upcoming series of The Impaler. It brings up many subjects that are important to me such as differences between beings and their beliefs.

Mrs. Blackwood Cover by Alexa Wayne
Mrs. Blackwood Cover by Alexa Wayne
Available on Amazon as ebook and paperback

Working on the novel alongside Tara M. Clapper as my editor, she helped me find the perfect title as she is the one who suggested the name Mrs. Blackwood. Once I changed it from its original one, I found it perfect and intriguing as it could represent many things. Her help has been precious to me and very educative for writing short stories.


The paranormal is one of my favorite subjects, as almost everything is permitted. And this book shows a few facets of what hides in my mind. A little horror, a little intrigue, some secrets, betrayals and love.

I hope you will find, in this short story, a good read and something to entertain your imagination for a short while! Mrs. Blackwood is the first out of many stories to come.

Alexa Wayne

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