Sunday Weekly

Don’t get confused with our articles. Sunday Weekly will be a little more personal for the Ghoul Family. We will re-share some of our favorite articles. We will also self-advertise for certain things we either do or write.

It’s a fun way for new readers to experience older posts and also for any day readers or followers to discover us under another light. So come discover our Sunday Weekly!

Lazy Sunday?

We are all very different people in the Ghoul Family, but we are also very alike. We are creative minds that once brought together can achieve great things. That is including bringing my dream of seeing Gothic Bite Magazine to life. GBM is becoming an amazing and popular webzine! And it also brings us as a family.

I am pro helping artists that needs to be seen. Many fields: either writing | editing | illustrating are all saturated jobs. However, some are incredibly amazing and needs to be promoted and advertise. I want to be the place artists will reach out to when it comes to paranormal and supernatural.

Submitting & Advertising!


That is why, the Sunday Weekly, will be not only for my Ghoul Family to promote themselves, but also for any of you who would like to submit to us. You just have to follow the instructions in the Submissions section. 🙂

It will be a pleasure for us to help!
See you Monday!
The OCD Vampire
Alexa Wayne

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