World Building Workshop – July 20th!

Sometimes we need a little help when we are thinking about our own idea. When imagination is let loose it can be overwhelming. Where do we even begin?

Well, after organizing and re-organizing. I think I have found the perfect (or almost) recipe to create the spine of a stand alone story or a series with my World Building Workshop starting on July 20th!


I can help you achieve your dream of creating a solid background to your paranormal story. I can teach you how to make your world and characters believable. I might specialize in vampires, but let me tell you that it is the perfect example for any type and genres of stories. They are the ones to take an example from.

After fourteen years of acting (theatrical and video), fourteen years of classical dance training. I have spent my life drawing and writing, studying graphic, sequential art and scripting, including writing. I believe I have a good idea on how to clearly build a unique world.

Haunted House
Haunted House

*** It can be about any subject: Fantasy | Paranormal | Sci-Fi | Historical | Comic Book | Horror | Non Fiction | Scripts | etc.


My World Building Workshop is divided in eight (8) classes of an hour (60 minutes) each, but I don’t calculate the little extras when questions pop-ups at the end of the class. 😉

Each class has a specific subject that needs to be covered, such as: the importance of a title, taglines, controlling ideas, exposition, etc.

Over the eight (8) week workshop I will help each participant in building their own worlds. Through email, I will answer all of your questions individually and help prepare you on your journey to write your novel or finish the one you started.

Nerdy Writing
Nerdy Writing

I will be available to you throughout the whole Workshop regardless of your time zone.


Week 1: Introduction |First Thought | First Draft.
Week 2: Importance of Titles | Subtitles | Tag Lines | Division.
Week 3: OCD Strategy to a planned out book | series | webseries | LARP | Etc.
Week 4: Importance of a Timeline | Ancient History to Future History.
Week 5: What is a world made of | Star | Continents | Atmosphere | etc.
Week 6: What is a society made of | Government | Religion | Exchange | etc.
Week 7: Don’t be scared of extras | Backstories | Legends | Myths | etc.
Week 8: Overview of a full complete document by going over your own.
Week 9: Planned out one (1) on one (1) video chat.



Price: $35.00 USD for the complete  eight (8) week World Building Workshop.
Includes: Eight (8) hours of teaching, Q&A, Emails, Assignments, Video Session with me.
Requirement: Computer with internet.
Where: Facebook.
Maximum Participants: 6-8 people (five (5) seats are already taken.)

Start: Friday, July 20th, 2018.

Enroll Here

However, if you prefer to contact me only once, you can do so by reaching out to me and Contact. If you wish to know more about why I’m a Vampire Expert.


As a published author with a side of OCD, I know personally how frustrating and time consuming sometimes it could be to spend hours of research on the Internet and sometimes, the library even trying to find exactly what we are looking for when in our head the question is so simple and clear.

I wished, back when I was writing my first vampire series, that I could have just asked someone to answer a few of my concerns and maybe fill in the blanks for me, some details that I was missing to make my story standout from the infinite pool of vampire romance novels.

Mrs Blackwood by A. Wayne - Buy her novel on Amazon!
Mrs Blackwood by A. Wayne – Buy her novel on Amazon!

Well, after years and hours of online research, television watching and reading through an incredible (almost embarrassing) amount of encyclopedia and novels, I have found myself to be very knowledgeable about the subject of vampires.

And so for that reason, if you find yourself interesting in having a consultation with me about vampires to either build a vampire world for a novel, series, visual media including shows and/or movies I am available for your anything you are looking for regarding vampires, their world, legends and folklore.

Memory Remains - Mermaid Island #1 by Alexa Wayne on Amazon
Memory Remains – Mermaid Island #1 by Alexa Wayne on Amazon



For a personal quote, because each individual requires different advice and/or questions to be answers, contact me personally and it will be a pleasure for me to answer you.

The OCD Vampire
Alexa Wayne

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