The Used – Music Review

My friend Rick introduced me to The Used, thinking I would appreciate their dark philosophical meaning behind their songs.

He knew I was a fan of similar bands such as Pierce the Veil. Falling in Reverse, and Screaming with Sirens, and figured I would enjoy an American rock band, such as The Used.

Lies for Liars

My favorite song comes from their album. Lies for Liars (2007) their song, The Bird and the Worm. In the literal sense, the song portrays the battle between the predator and prey. The artists use the metaphor of a worm trying to flee from a bird, to explore the challenges of escaping those who target you and bully you.

The Used
The Used

Dan Whitesides – drums, backing vocals (2006–present)
Joey Bradford – guitar, backing vocals (2018–present)
Justin Shekoski – guitar, backing vocals (2015–2018)

The Used started out with bassist Jeph Howard, drummer Branden Steineckert, and guitarist Quinn Allman; aware of the sound they wanted to produce but none of them could sing. They tried holding auditions with little success until Quinn Allman asked his friend, Bert McCracken if he would come and sing with the band and write songs.

After writing a few songs together, the group had decided on the name Used to symbolize the feeling their friends had, by trying to help them through being homeless and poor. After learning that the name was already taken by a Boston band in 2002, they decided to change their name to The Used.

The Used
The Used

Submitting a demo album to numerous record executives, the band signed with Reprise Records in 2002. The band released their first studio album later that year, titled after the name of the band.

Touring Around

The first self-titled album earned the band much success leading to three tours, such as The Vans Warped Tour, Ozzfest, and Projekt Revolution. After the tours the band released Maybe Memories, a compilation of demos and unreleased tracks. Many of these songs and tracks from their self-titled album were performed at a live concert with the same name. The Used released their second album, In Love and Death in 2004. An international tour followed before going on a break.

The Used
The Used

In 2016, the band released, Live & Acoustic at the Palace, which featured live recordings of their songs performed on tours, as well as acoustic covers of popular songs. Following the release of Live & Acoustic at the Palace, The Used went on a European tour. The tour was used to celebrate the band’s fifteen-year anniversary and following the tour they began recording their seventh studio album. The album was titled The Canvan and was released in 2017.

Always Tells A Story

The lyrics used in their songs always tells a story relating back to experiences the band members have endured. Thus, making their music relatable to a massive audience. Their songs have always been a positive outlet for my anger when faced with adversity. Their song, I’m a Fake, from the album In Love and Death took me awhile to understand. The spoken words in the beginning of the track channels pent up rage and hostility, yet when a deeper analysis of the lyrics is explored one discovers another story.

The Used
The Used

While listening to the song, I’m a Fake a second time, one wonders if the artist is questioning their identity. Growing up, I had social anxiety and struggled to fit in with my peers.

Many times, I was left questioning my identity and the idea of molding myself into what others wanted me to be instead of being myself. It’s easy to relate to the song and understand the difficult internal dilemma the artist is trying to process.

Burned it!

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