The Arcana – The Teaching of Tarot Reading

When learning to read Tarot cards you need basic understanding before trying to do readings. As for me, I wanted to use deviation to help others interpret their emotions.

There are thousands of choices when it comes to the type of deck you wish to use. When choosing my own, I went with an elemental deck. It spoke out to me.

However, all decks follow the same structure. They must contain all twenty-two of Major Arcana and the four Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana is used for telling The Fool’s Journey, which many consider to be a generic version of life many people go through. The story tells a tale involving all twenty-two cards with each card representing an important point in a person’s life.

Tarot Deck

The Minor Arcana is easy to decipher and understand for those just starting out as a tarot reader. Many believe that the twenty-two cards tell a story known as The Fool’s journey. The story covers the lifespan everyone goes through from childhood, adolescence, and adulthood and how the cards relate to each stage of life.

Like any good novel, the main character must be introduced first to the reader. Thus, the first cards mentioned are The Fool, The Emperor, The Magician, The Empress, The Hierophant, and The High Priestess.


The Fool in a nutshell is a person going on a journey. Like most people starting out in the real world they are naïve but innocent person who is blessed on their journey usually becoming the hero of their own story.


A person’s intuition the gut feeling we get when given unknown situations is tied to The High Priestess. The High Priestess card represents the spirit of the individual sometimes called the hero’s spirit.


On our journey we often question our religion and what debility we believe are out there. Like the spirit, The Hierophant or spiritual guidance we search for to have religious understanding in our lives.


There is always a misconception when people hear The Magician card they assume it’s related to magic and how the arcane arts are related to the world, but this is wrong. Rather the focus is that of a teacher for to become a magician a teacher is needed to unlock the students potential to become a proper mage.


The Empress and The Emperor are the only two cards in The Major Arcana that are similar in name. They are used to represent the mother and father figure in a person’s life. Hence why The Empress represents all feminine aspects creativity, nature, and fertility’ while The Emperor represents the male power, structure, and control.



Once a person discovers their role in life through lessons taught to them by their teachers and parents, the so-called fool must start their trials of life. The moral trials of strength, truth, justice, and temperance tests a person’s spirit and character.


There are also the tests of love and loss. The Lovers is another card many people misunderstand the meaning of. Most assume it’s about a person’s love life or relationship they have currently, about to start or coming to an end, yet they overlook that the card can also show internal love. You can’t be expected to love another person if you can’t love yourself first.


We feel that when confronting a person either on their thoughts or ideas or challenging inner concepts we had at a younger age there is this feeling of going to war. The Chariot represents this and the vague concept of travel.

The first lesson in life we must face is strength. Inner strength is within everyone we just need to learn how to channel our inner strength during our times of need. When we need the inner resolve to stand up for the choices we make when they are challenge by society.


The second lesson in life we must face is truth. Truth is hidden inside the Hermit card.  Being a Hermit means being solitary and secretive while searching for the truth. We must find our version of the truth, which is why it is done alone because every person has their own version of what the truth is.


The third lesson we must learn in life is Justice. Justice for discovering the truth of the situation a person can now make fair decisions. Justice is blind mean a person shouldn’t make a final judgement based on the relationship with the person causing the problem rather make judgments based on facts and not emotions.

Tarot Decks
Tarot Decks



The last lesson in life we learn is temperance. Temperance is the inner balance we all have that allows us to make choices with a mixture of a person’s heart and mind. These lessons are all good things for The Fool it allows them to find happiness, inner peace, and an understanding of their moral compass. Of course, no one’s life is perfect so with happiness there is pain and suffering a person must overcome as well.


A person’s luck is always changing it is not always good or bad. The Wheel of Fortune card represents a change in a person’s life. A person must find balance unless they want to spend countless hours hanging on the wheel. Sacrifice is common in life. If we give up parts of ourselves to make others happy or for what we assume is the right choice in a situation even if this goes against our own morals.


The Hangman card shows this because in a sense we are cutting off ourselves to make others feel safe and happy. Death is a card that frightens many people. The assumption that the reader’s death or that of a love one is being revealed.


Death signals the end of a relationship or journey a person is going on. When one door shuts another door opens, summarized The Death card in a nutshell. We are our own worst tormentor. If we are happy we feel we have an operation to create emotional pain and suffering.


The Devil card is not the little demon that sits on our shoulder but rather the personal damnation we create to counteract our own paradises. Another misunderstood card people never want to take responsibility for their actions wanting to blame their suffering on natural disasters or other people.

This card shows a person with chains or rope loosely tied around them. Representing that they can escape the fires instead of being consume by them. The tower shows a structure in a person’s life that must be destroyed to be rebuild.

Tarot Reading
Tarot Reading



We are at the end of the story The Fool is no longer an innocent child they have grown up and have become a hero after facing life challenges and accepting the chips in its suit of armor created by their inner demons.

The Star card represents a person’s destiny the inner light we follow on our life journey. Most reader’s have their own personal card in the Major Arcana that represents their personality The Moon card is mine.


In the story, The Moon represents everything that is unknown and cloaked in mystery. After a tragedy occurs there is a moment of joy and happiness to counteract the darkness of the situation.


The Sun card shows this meaning that there is joy after a loss. There is a point in everyone’s life near the end where you feel that all debts must be paid off before our spirit departs for the next world.


Judgment is the card that reminds people that all debts to other people and themselves must be taken care of. That they must wipe their slates clean to have complete happiness.

Moon 02


The very last card in the story and the Major Arcana is The World card. The World card shows a circle that represents that a story or cycle has been completed and can be put to rest.

Minor Arcana

The rest of the tarot decks are made up of the Minor Arcana which represents the four elements. Each suit is made up of ten cards and three suit cards which are the normal set up for a pack of playing cards.


The suit of Cups represents the element of water. Water is reflective and insightful revealing what is on the surface and giving a deeper meaning to what a person is thinking. Water is connected to a person’s emotions leading to dark subjects most wish to keep buried beneath the surface. Cups are tied to feelings of romance or poetic feelings.


The suit of Swords represents a sharp sword that can lead to being quick to defend and attack those people see as a threat. Fire represents this suit attuning to those with a sharp toguna or wit. It also showcases those who enjoy jabbering and gossip.

Tarot Decks
Tarot Decks



The suit of Wands represents flicking your wrist to use a wand air is the element connected to this object. Showing itself to inventors and adventures. Those with hot tempers yet want to go on journeys and see the world around them.


The suit of Pentacles is better known as coins in Tarot relating to earth and the physical values a person has in their life. The suit shows money, value, luck, and work. Known for those who take a long time to grow into their own skin and surroundings.

Understand of the Arcanas

Furthermore, to be a Tarot reader, a person must have an understanding of both the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana to ensure the reading are truthful and those asking for the read can have a better understand of what the cards are trying to tell them.

Tarot reading is part intuition and part having a basic understanding of the cards meaning and how they interact with the rest of the deck.

Tarot Card
Tarot Card


A person can’t just simple pick up a deck and start doing Tarot reading. Even a starter deck contains a book explaining the different cards. To gain knowledge one must look to the past to grasp the main concept before molding the issue to fit their current situation. This concept is applied to many things in life even something as simple as tarot.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read,

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