The Bite — A Novel Series

The idea of this magazine came up to me a while ago, but it also grew quite fast in my head. I always have a mind that creates more than it should sometimes.

Just like for Gothic Bite Magazine, I couldn’t resist but create The Bite — A Novel Series

A Bite To Remember

What if we would be to exist in a world where paranormal creatures are real and live parallel to us? What if a group of people who worked for a gothic magazine named The Bite discovers it not entirely by accident?

“My name’s Shawna, I dig what you girls do, I’ll be your guide if you need help. I know the folks around, you don’t. I know the local folklore, you don’t.” — Shawna, The Bite by A. Wayne

Those were ideas running through my head as the magazine grew in followers and that my beautiful Ghoul Family were writing more and more articles. I imaged us going after creatures in the dark and then I thought to myself, “Why not?”

Book 01

The series revolves around characters roughly inspired by those working for Gothic Bite Magazine. The series ties to another one that is to come out before the end of the year. All planned, hopefully, comes to life sooner than expected.

Exclusive Expert

Shawna walked toward them with cowboy boots, a white and red polka-dot tank top and her blue hair up, held by a hairclip while two strands of hair fell on both sides of her face. She had her skin as fair as Clementine and Callie that had them doubt she was from around town, but she assured them that both her grandparents were Cree, but her father’s Scandinavian gene had been stronger, and thus she looked stranger to the place, just like Clementine.

Angel Statue
Angel Statue

“So, how old is it?” Callie asked with her crystal voice, while Clementine feared the answer knowing deep within that nothing could come well out of an abandoned cemetery and a cursed archangel statue.

Both her hands in her front pockets, chewing her gum, she stopped and said, “It dates from the colonial years. Stones were placed only in the eighteenth hundred at random trying to bring peace to the land.”

Excalibur 01

Shawna said that for all she knew, they could be standing right over an empty tomb. Both girls asked how “The whole cemetery has empty tombs. This cemetery is nothing more than a graveyard for stones.”

Paranormal To The Bones

The love for the paranormal that I have might sometimes be unique and either darker or lighter than some could think. I love the idea of bringing more mysterious creatures than the obvious, although vampires are still to be at the core of the series.

Mansion 01

What is to be different with The Bite, is that I expose what’s in my head and what I’d love to see happen or be real. I hope you all enjoy The Bite when its release day happen! Until then, I can promise that I work hard to make it come true!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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