Marvel Spider-Man Game Review

Well, in case you haven’t noticed the influx of Spider-Selfies that have been flooding social media as of late, there is a new Spider-Man game on your PlayStation 4.

I know you have seen the articles about the costumes, about the Easter eggs and what not, so, it should come as no surprise that your friendly neighborhood gamer reviewer is going to give you his two cents worth.


Insomniac Games, the developer behind the smash hit Ratchet and Clank series on PlayStation has gone outside the box, outside of their norm to bring us a fantastic licensed Spider-Man title.

Marvel Comics - Spider-Man Video Game
Marvel Comics – Spider-Man Video Game


First off, it’s obvious the developers of this game were fans of the older games, specifically the second game and the movie series that came out on all consoles back in the Playstation 2 and Xbox days.

This new game is a massive nod to the older games; the way it plays, the way it unfolds, all of it brings back those memories to any who had the honor of playing those older games.

No Story All Design?

See, I was worried about that going into the game. I was worried that it was all flash, just some pretty paint on an old story. It’s not; let me tell you that much right now. Insomniac went all out on this title, the story they crafted for us takes a new look at the Spider-verse, injecting a few new ideas into it to make it fresh, then add so much feeling to the story that you will find yourself emotionally attached to some of these characters, if not all of them.

Marvel Comics - Spider-Man Video Game
Marvel Comics – Spider-Man Video Game

I will admit, seeing the new situations these characters are in can be a bit jarring, but, once you play a bit more, you will see it fits like a comfy old sweater. I’m not going to spoil anything in this review as usual, but I will tell you this much.

Before this game, I could never see Doctor Otto Octavius as a person, I saw the bad guy, but I couldn’t find the man underneath it all. Well, now I can. That is just one of the numerous things that Insomniac Games did right with the overall story.

Arkham vs Manhattan

Now, the best story in the world can’t stand without good gameplay to back it up, and this one gives us precisely that. It’s about what you would expect from a Superhero game like this, throw in an almost photo-realistic Manhattan for you to play around in, all of it open from the start, mix in a little bit of the Batman Arkham series for your combat, and you start to see how this unfolds as you play.

Marvel Comics - Spider-Man Video Game
Marvel Comics – Spider-Man Video Game


Mix in an fantastic swinging system, and you will quickly see how amazing this world will feel as you swing over it, through it, and around it. Flipping from skyscrapers, rolling through narrow paths between buildings, zip lining across the rooftops, it’s all done so well that by the end of the game, you’re doing it all like a seasoned vet.

Something For Everyone


While I have beaten the main story, there is still so much more for me to do, costumes to unlock, skills to upgrade, side quests to wrap up, and then we have the start of 3 big DLC packs hitting in October.

Marvel Comics - Spider-Man Video Game
Marvel Comics – Spider-Man Video Game


There is something for everyone, I promise you that much. I’m going to draw this review to a close here, leaving you with this little nugget. If you own a PS4, you should buy this game. If you are a Spider-Man fan, you need to play this game.

It’s pretty much that cut and dry. So, 5 out of 5 from me, the perfect Spider-Man game for everyone on your PlayStation 4, exclusively. So, until next time folks, I will see you in the game true believers.

Edward Hale

PSN I.D: BatEd700

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