Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Created by Naughty Dog, the game developers behind the infamous Crash Bandicoot series took a bold leap on the PlayStation 3.

They delivered a new sort of platforming game, one that showed love to the Indiana Jones series as much as it paid tribute to the Tomb Raider series on the original PlayStation.

Uncharted, The Franchise

They gave us the Uncharted series, a PlayStation exclusive title, a series based on an adventurer of sorts named Nathan Drake. The first game released on the PS3 back in November of 2007 and immediately became a huge hit.

Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation
Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation


Both of the follow-up titles that were released for that console also sold like crazy. It wasn’t just the gameplay, it was the story, and the characters that brought everyone back. Everyone that played these titles just had to know how Drake was going to get himself and his friends out of whatever mess he had found himself.

Uncharted Silence

Then, all was quiet on the Naughty Dog front; they had given us another fantastic title, The Last of Us, before the PlayStation 3’s lifecycle had come to a close. That game went on to become one of their all-time best sellers and even went on to be remastered on the PS4.

Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation
Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation


Shortly after that, the Nathan Drake collection was released, a remastered collection of all three titles from the PlayStation 3. Finally, at E3, people were introduced to Uncharted 4, running on a massive screen on the show floor.

Everyone was blown away.

In The Now

Now, jump forward to today, nearly three years after the game had been shown in 2015, and two years after its release in May of 2016. Here is my review of what is considered a must own title for your PS4.

Like so many others, I have played through each of these games. I came into the series late, finding most of them at my local GameStop for 10 or 15 bucks. I grabbed the first, crushed it in a week or so, and then moved on to the next. I was watching E3 2015 when they showed off their demo of the game, and like so many others, I was excited.

Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation
Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation


I didn’t grab the game immediately when it came out, I had been busy with numerous other titles at the time and didn’t have the resources to get a copy. After a while, the price dropped, I think I paid fifteen bucks for it at a local store, and I snatched it up, knowing full well I would play it eventually.

While I have had my hands full of games lately, I saw an opening after I beat Marvel’s Spider-Man and knew it was time to run through Nathan Drake’s final adventure.

A Good Adventure

Let me say this, it’s a fantastic adventure, and it’s about Pirates. The story is compelling and well written. It takes you back and forth between the present and the past, allowing you to play through some of Nathan’s earliest exploits as a child, and introducing you to a new cast member, Drake’s brother Sam.

Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation
Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation

At the outset of the game, Sam is believed dead, and you see why as you play through a flashback. Then, it shows us that Nathan is now married and retired from the life of an adventurer, he is now the primary diver for a salvage operation.

You see him interacting with his wife Elena Fisher, whom you will remember from other installments of the series. Beyond those very small, non-spoilers, I’m not going to tell you much else about the story, beyond the fact that Nathan gets back into the game for one final adventure with his brother Sam and his old friend Scully.

Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation
Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation


This adventure sends them in search of the legendary pirate Henry Avery and his fabled riches.

Art & Graphics

Moving away from the story now, I will move on to the graphics. These are some of the best I’ve seen from Naughty Dog since the Last of Us. You will catch yourself looking around the levels as you progress, seeing the sun pour through a dense canopy of trees, or watching the water as it rushes around your characters legs.

Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation
Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation


They are gorgeous. Most of the levels are well designed, I did have trouble here and there trying to figure the way forward, but all of that was resolved quickly. The sound effects are significant as well; you will hear little nuance effects as you move through grass or kick something that may alert a nearby guard. Its things like that, those little details that show the love the creators had for this game.

The gameplay is next, and as with the previous games in the series, they adopted the idea of “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” The combat plays out as it does in previous titles, lock on gunfights, and some hand to hand fights, all of which works beautifully in this, even the cover system works, also if bullets destroyed your cover over time.

Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation
Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation


I never died in a gunfight; the only deaths I had were as a result of missing a jump or something of that sort, but never because of a battle. Even the final boss battle was interesting, I’m not going to spoil it, but it’s fun, and there is an achievement to unlock if you don’t get hit.

I will say this much, the epilogue at the end of the game is awesome, making the entire story you have played thus far, all four Uncharted games, so much richer. Trust me; it’s worth the play through if nothing more than for that.

Pick A Copy

This game has recently been added to the PlayStation Hits line of titles, great games for 20 bucks a pop, so it will be easy for anyone to pick up a copy.

You will notice I didn’t mention the multiplayer aspect of this series, well there is a reason for that. I am of the belief that Uncharted didn’t need a Multiplayer function in the game. I did play around with it briefly in Uncharted three but found it rather pointless, but that’s just me, I will let you be the judge.

Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation
Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation


Here we are at the end of another review, another great title for Sony’s monster of a console. This game was good, worth playing, if not buying it. All in all, it felt like this title helped close the book on the Nathan Drake saga.

Moreover, for that, I’m going to give this game an 5 out of 5, but, I’m holding reservations as I do so. I’m just hoping they don’t screw this up and bring Drake back in another title. They have released a new game, Uncharted the Lost Legacy, but Drake hasn’t returned as far as I know.

Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation
Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation


If they do that, if they undo this great story, then I will change my score to 3 out of 5, maybe I’m just petty, but I firmly believe that Drake’s time in the spotlight is done, and should remain so, yeah, I’m looking at you Naughty Dog.

Last Thoughts


Well, there you have it, an odd score, but exciting none the less. So, as always, I will see you in the games folks. Seeing as Halloween is right around the corner, I aim to get an excellent scary review in here in the next few weeks, and I have two on my plate that look like they will fit the bill perfectly.

Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation
Uncharted Franchise — PlayStation

Stay tuned folks and see what I’ve got in store next.

Edward Hale

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