Gothic Bite Magazine – GoFundMe

When this dream started, Gothic Bite Magazine was nothing but hope, nothing tangible.

Today, GBM has its printed magazine, and we’re twelve dedicated writers to bring you the best there is in the paranormal and we need you for GoFundMe.

More To Share

Gothic Bite Magazine always tried to share the undiscovered independent artists, authors, and even editors. We reach out to small gothic stores and interview them. We travel around and try to find little-hidden diamonds. We always do.

We are passionate writers ready to give ours all into the magazine. We firmly believe that sharing our passion with the world is what makes life a better place. We aren’t about fashion or makeup. We’re about history and legends and folklore and artists and authors.

We want to advertise those people the best we can and bring you the best of what is hiding in the shadows of others. We wish for everyone to discover those working hard to make it to your bookshelves, tablet, wall, radio and everything else.

We Promise

The GoFundMe goal is to allow Gothic Bite Magazine to be more efficient in its way of sharing our articles and advertising the right way. With a WordPress Business Plan, we hope to make the website better for everyone to enjoy and advertise.

Gothic Bite Magazine
Gothic Bite Magazine

We promise that when achieving our goal, the magazine can do better than ever before and give you the best the paranormal world can give. We also promise to give back by helping authors, editors, and artists.

Thank You

Gothic Bite Magazine wish to thank all of its readers and followers for their loyalty to our work. Anyone who can help, we are grateful for your help, and we truly appreciate your donation. GBM means a lot to us and so does every follower and reader.

We hope to achieve our goal as soon as possible and bring you the best we can bring for 2019 and many years to come.

Thank you, everyone, for your kindness and support.
The Ghoul Family

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