The Spirit Glass

The Ouija board is a doorway to the spirit world.

Many believe that the round glass on the planchette is a window to the spiritual dimension.

There is a debate that you can look through the glass to see the paranormal.

Others wonder if making a board is more powerful than buying the board in the store and if any of these methods makes it easier for the spirits to possess you.

The Eye

There are many claims that the Ouija board is a doorway to the paranormal world allowing demons and spirits to communicate with the human world.

It would seem that by peering through the glass circle or eye on the planchette would allow a person to see the spirits communicating with them through the board.

Ouija Board by Hasbro
Ouija Board by Hasbro

Many videos on YouTube have shown success in seeing spirits. However, not all have ended well.

One rule of the board is, planchette included, you must ask permission to look through the glass, and failure to gain permission can result in possession or harm.

Homemade vs. Hasbro

When using an Ouija board, a person places their hand on the planchette and focuses their energy on the questions they’re asking giving the spirits energy to use to communicate with the people.

A person’s energy directs the spirits to the board and for those who feel sick or scare they become a beacon for evil spirits.

Ouija Board by Hasbro
Ouija Board by Hasbro

Many buy the board from a store while others create the board from scratch some going to the point of using their bodies.

Because I am against spirit boards, I would not recommend any of those choices store bought or handmade. However, there is more success with contacting spirits with a homemade board due to people putting more energy into objects they create by hand.


I’m against the use of the Ouija board because I have seen enough cases where those using the board were victims of attacks due to breaking a rule or ignoring the warnings spelled out on the board.

Many people react without thinking when they are scared forgetting that showing this emotion makes you appear vulnerable to the spirit realm.


Vulnerable people makes for the perfect target. Some spirits ask the person showing signs of fear to look through the planchette.

Using this to claim a host because the person is breaking the rule of removing the planchette from the board.

Many believe that when the planchette leaves the board, it represents a spirit or demon enraged and is quite a bad sign.

Not A Toy

Additionally, neither the planchette or Ouija board are toys and if someone is tempted to use them should always show respect.

Even if they gain permission from the spirits, it is unwise to look through the planchette to see the spirits form.


Spirits are known for lying and deceiving in hopes of gaining their achievements. 

In the end, those who give the Ouija a try must keep one thought in mind how far are they trying to go to settle their curiosity?

Now, shush, I’m trying to read.

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