Bioshock The Collection

I’m going to start this review off by saying this much, stop what you’re doing and buy this collection for whatever console you have, either PS4 or Xbox One.

Remastered & Better

It’s not that expensive, clocking in around thirty bucks for the average price, then again, you can probably find it used for cheaper, or it could be on sale again in either the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace

This remastered game edition comes with everything you need to thoroughly enjoy one of the best gaming experiences I think I have ever played

Bioshock Collection
Bioshock Collection

Three games, all the additional content previously released via DLC already at your fingertips. I’ll wait a minute while you go ahead and pick this bad boy up.

Now, while you’re installing these three amazing games on your console of choice let me tell you a little about the epic adventure that awaits you. Kendra and I are tag-teaming this review to show you guys just how much this series means to the gaming world.

A Little History

Released on September 13th of 2016, Bioshock Collection is a fanboy’s dream come true.

The original Bioshock came out in late August of 2007 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, its two sequels also released on these last generation systems as well.

Bioshock Collection
Bioshock Collection

All of them developed by 2K games and Irrational Games. All of them blowing up huge after their release due to their incredible story and dark film noir style setting. 

Once you start playing you fall into the world of Rapture, neck deep in the lore of the series that the developers already created and fleshed out. It is perfect. 

Creepy, an edge of your seat madness, that seems like an excellent way to describe what you are about to experience.

Graphics & Art

Now, let’s talk about the graphics. The original games running on their respective consoles looked terrific. Then, they went and remastered the collection, which looks ten times better on your PS4 or Xbox One. 

These guys set the mood correctly, low lighting, dingy environments, running water and everything. There is just so much to look at, so much to take in. 

Bioshock Collection
Bioshock Collection

Moreover, it all begins with a journey to the bottom of the sea. A journey to Rapture. This city is a marvel, and I’m not just saying that because it’s a line in the game either. 

As you watch the view traveling down and through Rapture, you are amazed by everything around you. Schools of fish swim by your pod; a whale looms just out of view slowly making its way to some unknown area.

Bioshock Collection
Bioshock Collection

An octopus darts away from your pod as its presence startles the creature. Bubbles trail away from it, pieces of the plane you were initially in sink into view. It’s amazing.

The Narrative

Moving on, we only skim the surface of the story here. I know Kendra would agree with me on this statement. We wouldn’t spoil this for you guys. This game is a story and a unique experience, and what a story it is. 

From the overall narrative of the story, down to the little character pieces scattered throughout the levels of the game on little cassettes, the story is among some of the best I experienced. 

Bioshock Collection
Bioshock Collection

The game pulls you along, showing you one horror after the next, making your adventure better and doubt your abilities at times. Then delivers masterfully the payoff for your efforts. 

You meet many fleshed out characters. Some are your average fonder for the first person shooter part of the game, but others are very well defined. Some you even despise by the games’ end. 

Bioshock Collection
Bioshock Collection

The creators of this series did their job, and they did it well. However, you see all of this very shortly as you play this game yourself. So much awaits you. So many things to see, fear, experience, so much to do.

We Had To Have It

On a personal note, I played all three games on their original consoles. The first game on Xbox 360 some years back. Then got it again on our PS3, followed by both sequels that I beat then, the collection came out.

We knew we had to have it. It wasn’t even an issue to either of us. It was just going to happen. Now, while I haven’t finished them on the collection edition, they are installed and played. 

Bioshock Collection
Bioshock Collection

So, let me break it down for you real quick. I paid full price for the first game, just under full price for both the sequels and couldn’t get the DLC, but didn’t mind. 

Then, we bought them all over again. Trust me, it is worth it. 

Bioshock Collection
Bioshock Collection

With that, I had this review over to probably the biggest Bioshock fan I’ve ever known. So, I hope that you enjoy your stay in this fantastic series. I know we do the same.

Ed & Kendra

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