Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing

My name is Sarah Spooffeeee here from Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing! Along with my husband Michael, we are running Moonmaiden, and for fifteen years kept it spooky.

It’s a crazy business and much hard work, but I wouldn’t be without Moonmaiden, as she was and is still consistently consistent and we love her very much!

Creating Moonmaider

I love creating wonderful new spooofffeeee — it’s like spooky, but spookier! designs it’s almost a compulsion, and I sleep, eat, drink and dream the business; which is why I think it’s lasted so long. Also, we have great fun doing videos for the site, which you can check out on our Youtube Channel.

There’s a lot more competition out there now, but we’ve never been mass-produced, and we continually update, so we’re always that little bit different, set apart from when people rip us off; but we know who you are, mwahaha. Thanks so much for asking for the interview, always good to get some new Moonmaiden fans!

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Emberly L. Summer (ELS): What made you decide to start creating clothing for gothic, fae, steampunk, and Wiccan?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: I was born a goth, and I am forever… so there was never an option to design anything else!

ELS: What do you consider to be gothic, fae, steampunk, and Wiccan; seeing as how you brand your products toward those genres?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing UK
Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing UK

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: Well our designs obviously, and if it feels witchy, it is, and I am, so yay!

ELS: What inspires your creations?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: Absolutely anything and everything; I live and dream it!

ELS: Do you collaborate with other artists when designing new clothing, or do you have a select group of designers?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: We design mostly in-house, but this year we’ve done a couple of awesome designs with FAE Magazine; of course if anyone wants a custom design we’re more than happy to work with them too!

ELS: Talk about your clothing, what types of fabrics do you use, is it solely for men, women, or both and what sizes are your clothes designed to fit?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: We only make women’s clothing; velvet, cotton, laces, taffeta… anything if it’s goth! We go from size 0 to size 80 – there’s no size we can’t make for, and we make to measure at no extra cost.

ELS: Will you ever consider designing clothing onside of the genres you currently offer?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: Nope! Never!

ELS: What is your process in taking on new designers? Do you offer internships or apprenticeships?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: Nope, it’s just us, and that’s the way we like it!

ELS: Have you ever faced criticism for your designs, and if so how did you handle it?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: No, not really; if people don’t like it, they won’t buy it. We do what we love, and if others like it too, that’s fabulous!

ELS: What are your methods of advertising the store and the items sold in it?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: Social Media – a lot!

ELS: Do you have plans of expanding outside of the United Kingdom?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: We ship worldwide regardless, so I don’t think we’ll be opening any factories outside the United Kingdom unless Brexit makes it necessary lol!

ELS: What awards have your designs received since you’ve opened?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: Alt Fashion Designer of the Year and Best Spooofffeeee of the Year.

ELS: What advice would you offer other boutiques starting that is like yours?

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: Don’t do it lol! However, seriously, it’s a lifestyle, and its very, very hard work but very, very rewarding.

Thank You!

Thank you very much Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing! If we can’t get enough we now know where to find you! Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook if interested in their amazing design!


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