Underworld – The Review

I was always a fan of movies featuring a woman as a starting lead, and so Underworld caught my attention with action, romance, vampires, and werewolves.

We’re used to the feud between vampires and werewolves, but Underworld brought a new meaning to enemies.

Underworld Synopsis

A war raging for centuries, unseen by humans, between vampires and werewolves is happening. Vampires seem to be winning until the alpha of the werewolves, Lucian, found one human named Michael, capable of bonding the blood of both races.

Scratched, Michael is carrying the werewolf gene, enemies of the vampires until the death dealer, Selene unwraps the mystery surrounding the hate between the two powerful races hence discovering her own rebirth as a vampire. — Alexa Wayne

kingston Publishing
kingston Publishing

The Characters

Selene, played by Kate Beckinsale, is a skilled marksman and uses her vampire abilities to take out her opponents quickly.

Selene is loyal to Michael, a victim of a werewolf assault therefore enemy of the vampire race. However, despite the feud between the two races, Selene grows fond of Michael and decides to protect him.

Underworld - 2003
Underworld – 2003

Michael Corvin, incarnated by Scott Speedman, is naïve and trusting to Selene. After all, this human fell into the war by accident and not by choice.

With feelings growing for one another, Selene deciding to help with her own blood, Michael becomes more than just a werewolf but a hybrid.

Erika, played by Sophia Myles, is deceitful and a convincing liar vampire. When she believes it’s for a worthy cause, she uses her charms to her advantage and in this case, outsmarting Kraven, Shawn Brolly.

The vampire race sees Erika as a lower vampire and laughs at her efforts to rise in social ranks.

Underworld - 2003
Underworld – 2003

Viktor, played by the amazing Bill Nighy, is a very old and powerful vampire. Respected and feared by all due to his influential place and past actions.

Depicted as a fatherly figure by Selene as he considers her his own daughter, it is no surprise that she goes to him for advice concerning Michael.

Kraven is a high ranked selfish and strict vampire when it comes to the rules. He relentlessly tries to have Selene tamed and follow his orders.

Underworld - 2003
Underworld – 2003

Kraven even goes as far as trying to impress Selene and have her as his mate. Sadly for him, the feelings aren’t reciprocal.

My Thoughts

I would rate Underworld — 2003, a nine out of ten, which explains why I always find myself watching this move over and over again. All characters have a reason to be in the movie and have backgrounds to their existence.

Traditional to the origins of vampires and werewolves in history, the writers created a believable scenario to the ever ending battle between the two main monster creatures.

Underworld - 2003
Underworld – 2003

The only negative point to me was the feelings Selene and Michael develop for one another that to me, seemed rush.

Other Thoughts

The hierarchy is very well defined at the beginning of the movie concerning vampires and Viktor’s place in the vampire race. Considering himself Selene’s father, allows her to ignore other highly ranked vampires, including Kraven.

Underworld - 2003
Underworld – 2003

I enjoyed the sweet soft spot Selene had in Viktor’s heart or whatever was left of it. It was quite interesting to witness and see evolve throughout the movie. Viktor is a very unique and powerful character… but so is Lucian.

Burned it!

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