Capricorn Zodiac

Gothic Bite Magazine realized the zodiac and astrology plays a big part in the paranormal.

Why not have our expert, Luna, tell you all about it as the months go by?

January & February

The tenth sign of the zodiac is the Capricorn which covers those born on December twenty-second until January ninetieth.

The following dates falls under Aquarius the eleventh sign, which ranges from January twentieth to February nineteenth. These two signs are different, yet both cover different aspects of a person’s life.

Zodiac Signs

A goat represents those born under the Earth sign such as the Capricorn. Those under the Earth sign are driven to reach the top in the career path they chose.

They desire to reap the rewards of their success though some may upset others when making their way to the top.


Those under Aquarius have two old glyphs of waves representing its connection to water.

The two waves show the divine and universal nature that communicates with one another. They seek an inner calm and peace in the world around them. An odd fact the element for this symbol is air, not water.

Personality and Traits

Capricorns make the best managers due to their responsible nature and having a self-driven force to complete tasks quickly to complete their goals.

Their self-control assists them, keeping their temper in stressful situations. However, others may see them as know it all, and condescending toward others. Unforgiving and expecting the worst when interacting with others.


Those of the air sign see themselves as the spokesperson for the little guy seeking equality for everyone.

They are independent and intelligent, not judging those around them. They escape emotional confrontations and seek mental simulation though drops projects and motivation when these stimulations lacks. Many see them as temperamental yet also a good mediator in arguments.

Zodiac Symbols

A goat with the fishtail is the creator of chaos born to face the fears in the world. They are the chain reaction of fear showing that one thing can lead to something much worse.

They are known as defenders to those around them never running away from a challenge, yet always tormented by the fears and monsters locked inside their minds.


A person labeled as distant and cold-hearted fall under the Aquarius sign. Many overlook these defence mechanisms claiming that they are insensitive and cruel.

They seek equality and freedom for all leading them to feel trapped within their society. Their challenge to learn to trust others instead of creating an emotional barrier.

Digging Deeper

Additionally, these two signs share the month of January due to their common traits. Those born under both Capricorn and Aquarius are born leaders in their way and both help those around them despite fear and mistrust.

They both seek to make the world a better place through intelligence and self-reliance. Both try to refrain from showing emotions not wanting it to be a weakness.


Both deal with mental scars leading many under these signs to being introverted and showing that those wishing to become their friends must first gain their trust and never betray them or reveal that what they fear about the world is right.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read.

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