Spirit Guide Spread

This month is dedicated to Ghosts here at Gothic Bite Magazine and so this is a tarot spread inspired by the theme of this month.

Reaching Out

In our world and next spirits are actively reaching out to loved ones and those with the rare abilities to sense them.

Spirits are the souls of the dead trapped between the world of the living and the realm of the dead. There are others called spirit guides that assist humans in times of stress or when they are seeking out guidance.

Tarot Card
Tarot Card

They can take the form of deities, loved ones, and in some cases animals. Many use tarots to seek answers to their questions including a way to connect to these guides.

Purpose of a guide

A spirit guide or in some cases angels are protectors of those seeking out their aide. They answer the questions one seeks out and leads them to the difficult answers.

They are sometimes mistaking for spirits which can also communicate through the cards. However, spirits can use the cards to enter the readers’ mind to take possession of them. They guide the reader’s hand and can lead to severe answers and harm to the reader.

Tarot Card Layout

This nine-card spread helps you with identifying your guide and how to create a strong bond with them. In the center cards, one and two make a plus sign with the first card on the bottom horizontal while the second is vertical on top.

Tarot Decks
Tarot Decks

To the left cards three, four, and seven make a pointed down triangle as on the right it repeats with cards five, six, and eight with nine below the plus sign.


The first two cards are intertwined showing your sincere belief in spirit guides and if you are ready to interact with the guide. Card three represents the spirit that wishes to work with the reader. Card four shows you the past work experiences.

Cards from the major arcana show you strong connections while karmic cards show connections through the generations. Card four focuses on the purpose of working with the spirit guide.

Tarot Decks
Tarot Decks

Card five is the situation the pair is aiming for, card six warning from the guides, eight actions needed to be successful. Also, the last card steps take to strengthen your connection with the guide.


Moreover, using spirits should be avoided instead one should use a spirit guide is the one the readers should be seeking.

These guides can answer the question and lead to a more prosperous life. They can also lead to a better understanding of the spirit and protect more harmful entities.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read.

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