Apex Legends Video Game Review

This article I’m doing a review of a game that just released on PS4, Xbox One and PC, I’m talking about Apex Legends.

Developing Apex Legends

Developed in a media void, Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind the massively successful Titanfall series have joined forces with the gaming mogul EA to create a free to play Battle Royale game.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Let’s jump into this one and see what’s what. First off, yes, it’s free to play. Yes, there are microtransactions, but all of them are cosmetic, nothing that affects the players’ experience, which makes it all the better. You do earn currency in-game to unlock the stuff you see that you may want, or the odd character they locked you out of previously.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

So, taking a cue from the other Battle Royale giants, this one is free and available for download now on either of your consoles. Yes, Pubg and Fortnite have some things you can buy, and Pubg is a purchase on PlayStation, but, this game does the genre justice, and it does it in a way that is breaking records.

10 Million Players Worldwide

In three days, Apex Legends got just over 10 million players worldwide on all three platforms. This game blew the numbers of Fortnite out of the water, and already has the big guns on Twitch streaming the game.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

This game is a first-person shooter, squad-based Battle Royale game, with a heavy concentration on the team of three. While I have had some decent luck playing the game, I have not had the privilege of teaming up with my friends so we can do this the right way.

Communication is critical, and staying with your teammates can either make you stronger or put you right in the thick of it. I manage reasonably well in the rounds I have played on both our PlayStation 4 and our Xbox One, usually getting a couple kills before my squad and I are wiped out by the other teams.

Battle Royale

Like any other Battle Royale game, you find all your weapons on the battlefield, and whatever armor and weapon upgrades as well.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Each character class brings something unique to the game, helping you and your friends find the best possible team or to help figure out what makes them all special. I am level 5 right now, and I have been focusing on Bangalore, a female firefight expert. I have spotted a few others I want to try out, so we shall see how they all fair as we go.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

I can tell you this much. Rumors are circulating that the incoming maps DLC that Respawn planned could add the Titans from Titanfall for even more destruction and fun. I may have forgotten to mention that Respawn has said that this game takes place in the Titanfall Universe, so, as you can imagine, I am awaiting the epicness of the Titans when they arrive.

In Revision

So, there you go, a quick, simple review on a game that everyone in the gaming industry is talking about right now. If you own any of the platforms, it was released on, grab it up and enjoy.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

I’m not going to give you my final score yet. I am planning on doing that in a follow-up review once we see what else is adding to the game. However, either way, it deserves your attention, it sure has mine. This one could be the one that finally unseats Fortnite as the reigning champion of Battle Royale games, and as of now, we are all on the frontlines.

Until Next time,
I will see you in the games.


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