A. Wayne on The Authors Show

A. Wayne is the author of Mrs. Blackwood and the CEO and Founder of Gothic Bite Magazine. She is a fan of horror and writes her novels in the paranormal and sci-fi as such. Not long ago, she did an interview with The Authors Show and it airs tomorrow, April 3rd, 2019!

April 3rd, 2019

On April 3rd, 2019 A. Wayne airs on the #1 internet radio show for authors, The Authors Show. Interviewed about her novel Mrs. Blackwood, she talks about her inspiration and knowledge of the vampire world as well as her views on science fiction.

Mrs Blackwood by A. Wayne
Mrs Blackwood by A. Wayne

Radio Shows!

Her first podcast appearance was on Zombiepalooza Radio Live with the host, Jackie Chin; now, she’s on her first radio show! Follow A. Wayne on her journey to become an indie author recognized for her work in the horror department with either her favorite, vampires or science-fiction.

A. Wayne on Zombiepalooza Radio Live
A. Wayne on Zombiepalooza Radio Live

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Don’t miss her interview! Just click on the link All Authors Show!
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