Planning A Haunted Vacation

Every summer I go on a trip somewhere in the United States. How do I pick my location or the best beaches, sun, fun, and cuties? Don’t be silly. I look for haunted locations of course.

A Different Vacation

Every summer I go on a trip somewhere in the United States. How do I pick my location or the best beaches, sun, fun, and cuties? Don’t be silly. I look for haunted locations of course.

I’ve been doing this for years. Sometimes the trips are simple one-day excursions. Sometimes the adventure takes a few days if I can match my fascination with haunted and history together all the better!


This year I’m making some recommendations to anyone out there who might want to travel and get their ghostly experiences on. This list is by no means an impartial list. I have my favorite places, and I have reasons why they are my favorites. Look at it as GBM’s Travel Channel to do list!

Haunted Locations

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: A more than one day kind of trip. If you go in July be prepared to be overwhelmed by tourist. The haunts are best in May and June.

Gettysburg, PA Keystone Marker
Gettysburg, PA Keystone Marker

The battlefields are said to be the best for catching EVPs day or night. Tons of haunted tours, but honestly suggest doing your research before going out there. Tours are money makers. Use your senses, including common sense.

LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans: Not a tourist attraction. It is a private residence. However, it’s the home of some of New Orleans worst and most grizzly debauchery to date.

LaLaurie Mansion - NOLA
LaLaurie Mansion – NOLA

The souls of dozens of murdered slaves are said to haunt the property. Screams supposedly goes as far as the street. At night it’s rumored things move past the windows on the second floor.

RMS Queen Mary, Long Island: What more do I have to say it’s the Queen Mary! Haunted by the souls of those who have died on board. The QM is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the United States.

Queen Mary, Long Island
Queen Mary, Long Island

If you believe that ghosts haunt places they are most happy, then you might find the souls of some pretty famous people there.

Trans-Allegheny Asylum, West Virginia: I’ve written about this place a few times. It’s a must go if you’re brave enough — the location of hundreds of deaths.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The souls left to die in the asylum often suffered not only in their minds but as a result of lack of care from staff. The list of paranormal investigators that have experiences here is insane. Also, the list of happenings is even higher!

Eastern State Pen, Philadelphia: To round out my list of favorites and must go to haunted sites. ESP offers year-round guided tours. Which I highly recommend due to safety concerns of the penitentiary. This place is another investigator favorite.

Eastern State Pen, Philadelphia
Eastern State Pen, Philadelphia

A hotspot for paranormal activity, visitors, have had things thrown at them. The sounds of cell blocks slamming shut and even EVPs and phantom smells.

That Is It!

These are my favorite locations to ghost hunt in the United States. Yes, I’ve been to each of them over the years. Not all at once, so don’t think you have to go racing around the country this month checking out haunts if you’re starting.

Check out your local haunts and go from there. Check out a local paranormal team and see if there are some recommended haunts you can hit. Have fun this summer.

Happy Haunting!
Artemis Dai

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