POKÉMON: Let’s Go Pikachu

Gothic Bite Magazine is proud to officially introduce you to Kendra’s other awesome nerd co-writing this awesome Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu video game REVIEW: George Smart III.! Welcome to the GBM Writing Team, George!

All Because of George!

As promised, here is the review you guys and girls have been waiting for, guest written by my step-son George. See, I wasn’t one of those who got in on the Pokemon craze when it originally released, no, I started after meeting my step-son.

His love for Pokemon became infectious, and thus, I began to see what all the hype was about. I downloaded Pokemon Go on my phone and started collecting the cards.

My step-son would always talk to me about the various Pokemon, of course, his favorite being a toss-up between Mew and Pikachu, showing me all the different games he had for his Nintendo DS. The way his face would light up told me I needed to make sure he had all he needed to continue his adventures, his enthusiasm for all of it made me smile.

Pokemon Let's Go
Pokemon Let’s Go

Then, Nintendo announced the first full Pokemon adventure for the Nintendo Switch at E3 2018. Of course, George was sitting right next to me when they showed off the game and its release.

My wife and I knew that was going to be a must own, so, a pre-order was done for the deluxe edition of the game, and a happy step-son got his gift for Christmas that year.

Before I Give George The Mic

So, before I turn this over to my step-son for his portion of the review, I will give you the lowdown on the game itself, the deluxe edition and some of the features introduced in this game. Now, as many of you know, this game was released in two versions, Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

There was a deluxe edition published that gave you a Pokeball controller that contained a special gift for you to use in the game, Mew, the legendary Pokemon. The controller connects to your Nintendo Switch and allows you to control your avatar in the game, and even catch Pokemon by “throwing” the ball at the Pokemon.

Now, another feature that surprised both me and quite a few others, the game actually connects to your phone and Pokemon Go. Now, not only does it connect to Pokemon Go, the controller connects as well, and can be used to play Pokemon Go while it is in your pocket.

It vibrates when a Pokemon is nearby and allows you to catch them with the click of a button. Nintendo really pulled out all the stops for this, the first of the Pokemon games to be released for a home console, not a handheld.

Now, two more games in the works will be heading to the Switch by the end of this year, Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Let's Go
Pokemon Let’s Go

Now, while I have only played a little bit of the game with my step-son, I have enjoyed it immensely, especially the ability to play with a friend. Yes, that’s right, Pokemon Let’s Go has co-op a mode. So, it makes it even better to be able to play this game with your family.

Now I will turn this review over to my George for a bit, then come back for the wrap-up and final score. So, without further ado, here is George to talk to you all about one of his recent favorite games.

Pokemon: Let’s Go George!

Hello, my name is George. I’ve loved Pokemon almost my whole life. So, I was really excited when I watched E3 2018 with my stepdad. On the second day of E3, we saw that Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee was coming out. So here are some of my opinions about the game.

It was exciting when I got to name my “rival,” which his name is exotic. I really did not like it when it had these spots where it was really almost impossible to get to.

Pokemon Let's Go
Pokemon Let’s Go

Because it’s a remaster of Pokemon yellow, it didn’t have that big of a story which was kind of sad. Compared to a game I really like, ultra-moon, it barely has any narrative.

Ultra-moon, on the other hand, had a great storyline out of the other Pokemon games I’ve played. This game has added a brand new Pokemon named meltan/melmetal, and on a side note, my step-dad and I are still trying to catch him.

The Final Score

So, wrapping up this review, I asked George what his final score would be for this one would be, he gives it a solid 8.5 out of 10. So, all in all, a great game, and a great first effort for the new console edition of one of our favorite series.

There you have it folks, another review in the can. I’m sorting out which review I will tackle next. There are so many games and so little time! Until next time, and as always, I will see you in the games.

Edward Hale & George Smart III.

PSN ID: BatEd700
George’s PSN ID: Bubichu
Nintendo Switch friend code: 5408-1426-5409
YouTube Channel

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