Far Cry: New Dawn – The Review!

Seeing as Far Cry 5 was one of the first reviews I did for GBM, it was a no-brainer that I would tackle this review as well. It’s a direct sequel, Far Cry: New Dawn.

Favorite in the Household!

Far Cry has become something of a favorite in our household, while I had played other titles in the series before, I always did them alone.

Now, my wife has taken a keen interest in the series as well, after having experienced the story in 5 and this one first hand. Any game is so much better when you can experience it with someone you love in my professional opinion, even a solo player game like Far Cry.

Narrative Sequel

It was released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in February of 2019, a narrative sequel to Far Cry 5, one of the first of its kind from Ubisoft.

They had done side stories in the past, like Far Cry: Primal and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, but this was the first time they had actually picked up the plot threads from the previous game and continued them with a full story.

Far Cry - New Dawn by Ubisoft
Far Cry – New Dawn by Ubisoft

Set seventeen years after the events in 5, this one opens on a world in the process of restarting.

SPOILER ALERT: At the end of Far Cry 5, events had been set into motion throughout the game that led to Nuclear Weapons being used, and human being on the brink of extinction.

What remains of humanity is spread out, rebuilding, and being attacked by bandits, more specifically a group calling themselves Highwaymen, led by twin sisters known as Mickey and Lou. These will be your enemies throughout the story.

Hope Country

As with previous games in the series, your character is set upon your path through the new/old Hope County, a massive open world that you explore at your leisure.

There is plenty to do, story quests, side missions, hunting challenges, collectibles to find, enemy bases to capture, and the list goes on. They have always given you a ton to do in this series, and this entry is no different, even if it is considered a side story.

Far Cry - New Dawn by Ubisoft
Far Cry – New Dawn by Ubisoft

You gain new weapons by crafting them at your workbench, which you will need to upgrade to get the “Legendary” weapons in the game, some of the best if you ask me.

You do have a central hub area that acts as your base or home, where you gain access to all of your extras, like the weapons workbench, healing garden where you get the ingredients to craft your own med kits, garage, where you gain access to multiple tiers of vehicles, including ones with mounted turrets and the like.

Far Cry - New Dawn by Ubisoft
Far Cry – New Dawn by Ubisoft

All of these are upgraded with Ethanol, and you achieve that through taking over enemy bases and then scavenging them afterward for higher rewards.

New Characters

Also, throughout the game, you will meet up with unique characters; most of these will join you in your quest to free Hope County and become part of your Roster.

You can assign roles to you, and they will help out in the field. There are eight in all, two of them are animals, which my wife adores, by the way, especially considering that the dog companion looks like our Husky, Chewie.

Like previous games in the series, you get better at the game by earning Perk Points, which can be spent to level up any of your natural, and some unnatural, abilities.

Far Cry - New Dawn by Ubisoft
Far Cry – New Dawn by Ubisoft

Some of them are as simple as lock picking, while others can make it so you can chain together multiple stealth take-downs. By the end of it all, you are a one-man army, able to craft on the fly and mow down your enemies with superior firepower.

On a side note, and namely, because I didn’t bring this up when I briefly discussed the story, another character from Far Cry 5 sits front and center in this game, Joseph Seed, the cult leader who basically started the end of the world.

Far Cry - New Dawn by Ubisoft
Far Cry – New Dawn by Ubisoft

He lived, along with your character from the first game, the Deputy. It is a fascinating time in the story when you have to venture out and find him and his people; his story makes this game so much more worthwhile.

To Sum It Up!

So, in summary, I would say this is an excellent entry in the series, though a little short for my liking.

I think I managed to beat this one in a matter of three or four days, where I spent considerable more time on previous entries in the series. That does not detract from the game in any way mind you, only makes me want a new one to play.

Far Cry - New Dawn by Ubisoft
Far Cry – New Dawn by Ubisoft

So, all in all, a great time, a fun and engaging game, and well worth the $20 I spent on it. I will say it usually retails for $40 and can be found on your PlayStation Store or on your Xbox Store, as well as a physical copy where ever games are sold, I’m pretty sure you can find them cheaper at a local Gamestop if you pick it up used.

So, my final score for this game is a solid 8.5 out of 10, and the only reason it wasn’t higher is because of how short it felt. Still, well worth a play through and an excellent addition to any Far Cry fans collection.

Far Cry – New Dawn by Ubisoft

Thanks to all of you who tune in for these reviews, I will try to keep them coming as quick as I can. Most of them I review off of new games I have been playing, or ones I have recently finished.

I will see what I can work up for you in the next review, maybe another Far Cry game, seeing as I restarted Far Cry 4 the other day, or something else, you never know unless you tune in and check it out. Until next time folks, I will see you in the games.

Edward Hale
PSN ID: BatEd700

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  1. Hey, I’m a long time fan and reader of your blog, first time commenter. Just wanted to say this post really hit home with the stuff I’ve been looking into. Thanks!


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