There’s Only One House of Dragon

In the 16th century, Tursun Beg, an Ottoman writer, called him Kazikli Voyvoda, meaning Lord the Impaler. He became not only the Voivode of Wallachia or the Son of the Dragon but Dragulya or Dracula.

The House of Dragon

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While many know him as Vlad the Impaler, a sobriquet unique to Vlad III who is a national hero to Romania, others feared his name.

Dracul belonged to his father, a member of the Order of the Dragons. His name was Vlad Dracul, meaning Vlad the Dragon.

Wladislaus Dragwlya - Vlad the Impaler Signature
Wladislaus Dragwlya – Vlad the Impaler Signature

Many believe Dracula to mean devil. It isn’t wrong to believe so. However, it is more informative to know that there was no word in the Romanian language back in Vlad the Impaler’s time, which meant “devil.”

It was only as the years went by that it became “devil.” When Vlad Tepes lived, he was the Son of the Dragon.

The Conflict of Ages

With a name such as Vlad Tepes, the reputation of his cruelty spread throughout Europe and grew with time as a legend. He said he would make the name of his enemy fall in the abyss of lost history while he would rise to the top and it did.

Vlad held his word, his promise to his people to save them, he held to his last breath. The man he was, died centuries ago, but the vampire age only began. His enemies everywhere, the one he killed to oblivion rose again.

Mrs. Blackwood by A.D. Wayne - Cover Reveal Coming Soon
Mrs. Blackwood by A.D. Wayne – Cover Reveal Coming Soon

His son is the only one capable of holding his fort in North America near his greatest ally. To keep his status and his land blood must be shed.

The Revamped Mrs. Blackwood

To this day we know the name, now let’s introduce the son. The one son who must carry the name of his birth parents to protect the House of Dragon’s sole and last heir.

Old nemesis surfacing while an innocent woman finds herself trapped circled by vampires.

Mrs. Blackwood is the beginning of The Impaler series. It is an introduction to the conflict rising between vampires and other creatures of the night.

The importance of history and bloodlines are surfacing as people are trying to erase and reshape history to fit their agenda.

How can you hide history when it looks back at you with hungry eyes asking for your hand?

Mrs. Blackwood; feed the vampire in you.

A.D. Wayne

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