Jo Vallianatou Gothic and Dark Photography

GBM really enjoys sharing the work of artists and spread the word about their artwork. Photography used to be part of the folklore that the camera would capture the soul of those appearing on the picture…what do you think?

Who Is Jo Vallianatou?

Jo Vallianatou is best known for her pensively lit model photography. Her photos dance the line between the macabre and the sublime: a nod to her love of Victorian memento mori, she venerates both with equal gusto.

Jo Vallianatou Photography
Jo Vallianatou Photography

Born in one of Greece’s most historic regions, Jo grew up enchanted by the haunting histories of New England. She likes to travel a lot and find new personalities for her work.

Jo attended Fine Arts school majoring in fashion. She quickly found that her heart belonged in fine arts. Jo Vallianatou first started when Jo was 14 years old by photographing friends, and family members changed them into mythical creatures.

Gothic & Macabre

She always had a love for the enchanting Goth culture, and she showed that in many of her photography. Broken and fallen angels, mythical creatures, and many more take part in her heart and her photography.

Jo Vallianatou Photography
Jo Vallianatou Photography

She has organized four personal exhibitions so far. Her work has been published several times, nationally and internationally.”

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