YV SALOME An International Published Alternative Model

Gothic Bite Magazine is proud to promote the art of various indie artists from all around the world. After their submission a few weeks ago, GBM is proud to share the work of YV Salome!


Classified as Goth/Industrial in the musical industry, YV SALOME is a singer with a classical training.

Her former career as a classical vocalist helped build her name and develop her passion for the timeless and inspiring baroque period.

YV SALOME is an international alternative model with a strong vocal ability and here at Gothic Bite Magazine, we have the privilege to share her work!


A Timeless Look

When Gothic Bite Magazine received the email, I remember smiling. The overall traditional and classical look of YV SALOME is gorgeous to say the least.


“Being model or artist means be changeable, be different and this is what I did – changed. In order to overcome dark and grim truths I discovered about this life and this world. I moved from metal music to electronic music, from classical vocals to pop singing and this is what I believe can help you to understand how to keep it dark and keep it fun” –— YV SALOME.

YV SALOME – I Want To Die

The photography and material delivered, is one of a professional and passionate artist. Something we look forward to at Gothic Bite Magazine. She shares this “vampire” image with a mermaid mesmerizing voice.

Stalking YV SALOME

Do not forget to follow YV SALOME on social media, Spotify, CDBABY and more! We know we will!


We hope to have her stop by again and maybe do an interview with this amazing artist in the Goth/Industrial genre! We can never have enough!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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