When Werewolves Find Hemlock Grove

When werewolves find Hemlock Grove darkness and hell grow while werewolves are believed to commit murder and vampires roaming the streets. … More When Werewolves Find Hemlock Grove

Werewolves of Today

Werewolves are just myths, legends and folklore. They were created to scare people and be fearful stories around campfires.
Nobody truly believes in their existence. It would be quite ridiculous to do so, right?
Well, there are people that are quite sure they have seen the werewolves of today. … More Werewolves of Today

Werewolves in Paranormal Romance

Werewolves have been part of human legends and folklore for many centuries. They have encountered many obstacles throughout their existence in our stories.
From undergoing the horror of the witch trials to being compared to hell creatures, they’ve endured and thrived. However, they finally did find a place where they are loved and desired… the paranormal romance world. … More Werewolves in Paranormal Romance

Interviewing A Vampire Named Vlad Tepes

I am Vladislav Basarab Tepes III, once the ruler of Romania. When I woke up a vampire, I learned that I would become an essential piece on the monster chessboard. … More Interviewing A Vampire Named Vlad Tepes

Full Moon And Legends Gives You A Werewolf

Numerous people genuinely believed they were cursed; many were probably mentally ill or delusional. … More Full Moon And Legends Gives You A Werewolf

From True Blood To New Blood

From True Blood to New Blood is a review going back when Bon Temps was part of our summer and brought southern charm to our lives with vampires and more. … More From True Blood To New Blood

Mrs. Blackwood A Five Star Horror Novella

Mrs. Blackwood has one cover for the digital version while the paperback itself has a special and unique cover. Alexa Wayne studied graphic design and being an illustrator has her possess an eye for design. … More Mrs. Blackwood A Five Star Horror Novella

Cover Reveal for Mrs. Blackwood a Second Edition

Now that I am ready to present to the world, the series I planned for years to publish, Mrs. Blackwood required changes. As a result, not only does the book gets a new more elaborated book cover, but also new ties to the series as an opening to the story of Lord Impaler. … More Cover Reveal for Mrs. Blackwood a Second Edition

Interview with LaSasha Flame author of Birth of the Sand Viper, Origins of Jafar

I am not sure you can call this unique but I am a very creative person. I have a passion for baking and cooking along with writing, but I am also talented at painting and graphic design. … More Interview with LaSasha Flame author of Birth of the Sand Viper, Origins of Jafar

Alleged Vampire Witch

Well, vampires became more popular following the end of the witch hunt. Their popularity gained after the infamous Salem Witch Trial. … More Alleged Vampire Witch

Choosing Your Fangs

If you’ve ever seen a modern-day vampire, you know that they come in many different shapes and sizes. Gone are the days of the slicked-back hair, capes and elongated fangs. Vampires don’t hide in the shadows these days. … More Choosing Your Fangs

Evil Encounters

Ghosts aren’t the only ones crawling their way into our monitors anymore. We know that werewolves are coming if we listen to some testimonies from Terror In The Woods and even Paranormal Witness. Now, another creature is creep its way into our lives… … More Evil Encounters

Terror in the Woods

There are not only ghosts lurking in the darkness, but there are also strange presences we can’t explain wandering around in bright daylight. Terror in the Woods shares the stories of strangers and their encounters. … More Terror in the Woods

Just a Bit of Dark Shadows

While there are many television series, I could have chosen to be my choice for this month’s theme of Vampires the one that I chose is one of the beginning series. Dark Shadows Dark Shadows came to the TV screen back on June 27th, 1966. When we think of soap operas, the first thing we … More Just a Bit of Dark Shadows

Magic and Satanism

Magic, as it is usually known, is something I wholeheartedly object to the existence of in our world.

Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and witches curses are in my opinion nothing more than fantastic examples of the human imagination. … More Magic and Satanism

iZombie for Review

Hello, again Biters this is James GBM’s skeleton in the closet retuning for our November creature of the month the zombie. … More iZombie for Review

Paranormal Encounters

Ghost stories, ghost hunting, and paranormal investigations are on many channels on television. We see it on tv, read about it and now it is slowly expanding.
It is not about the ghosts only anymore. If you do a little research now, you can either close your eyes or meet with the paranormal encounters. … More Paranormal Encounters

Zombies Are A Fact

Recently, zombies have been invading our small screen and the theaters. Either from famous shows as The Walking Dead or World War Z.
The term zombie has been part of our lives for centuries, but most recently, gained in popularity. However, research proved that zombies are a fact. … More Zombies Are A Fact

Interview with Sarah Baethge

One of Gothic Bite Magazine’s goals is to give the chance to paranormal and horror independent authors to shine.
We reach out to them and ask if they would like to take some time and answer our questions, here’s what author, Sarah Baethge, had to tell Gothic Bite! … More Interview with Sarah Baethge

Gothic Bite Magazine on AMAZON!

We did it! For the season of Fall, GBM is going digital and printed on AMAZON! You can get your own copy on your tablet or as a nice display for your coffee table!
One small step for monsters, a giant leap for The Ghoul Family! You know you want it! … More Gothic Bite Magazine on AMAZON!