GBM Wishes You Merry Krampus!

GBM wishes you a Merry Krampus for the second consecutive year with an anthology filled with spooky and twisted stories from awesome authors! … More GBM Wishes You Merry Krampus!

C. Brady

I sculpt, consume copious amounts of music, anime, and documentaries. I am a science lover, reformed elitist gamer, driving enthusiast, and a tech snob. I love ancient cultures—especially those of the Egyptian, Japanese, and Native American peoples. … More C. Brady

Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D is one of those series that by the title of the show it can be guessed what the show itself, and its main character for that matter, are all about from the beginning. … More Vampire Hunter D

New Release by Destiny Hawkins!

At Gothic Bite Magazine we do love to expose authors and their books! This week is no exception!
New release by Destiny Hawkins is happening on September 1st! Be sure to get your copy! … More New Release by Destiny Hawkins!

E3 2018

So, it’s become a tradition in our house to watch the live stream of E3. Over the course of the numerous conferences, we watch and discuss everything we see.
In this article, we will be doing the exact same thing, running down the various conferences and at the end, giving you my personal grade for the shows. … More E3 2018