Injustice 2 Review

I loved the first game and the animations and characters that came with the game. Injustice 2 came out with several new characters, and of course, season passes for the rest of the characters soon to be added. My favorite character is Starfire, which you can get in the season pass. … More Injustice 2 Review

The Ghost Makeup

The Monster of the Month for February was a ghost. Typically when you think of ghost the first place the mind goes is sad or scary. For me, the first place my mind goes to currently is to that of Haunting of Hill House and my favorite character of Nell. … More The Ghost Makeup

The GBM Witch!

At Gothic Bite Magazine, we are lucky enough to work with Kendra, our Chief Editor. She is a special effect makeup artist.
This month, in honor of our Witch print magazine edition available on Amazon, Kendra used her blobette to pose as a witch! … More The GBM Witch!

What About Blob?

The Blob monster is not one we necessarily think about when the word monster is spoken. We think about the four original classics: vampires, werewolves, frankenstein and the mummy. However, the monster a blob is could be very dangerous and of nightmarish intentions. … More What About Blob?

April Monster Mash- Now Paging Dr. Bonkers

Anytime that my Blobette and I plot out a makeup, I always start the same way. I ask her, are we doing a beauty makeup or do you want to be scary?  Nine times out of ten this little Blobette of mine wants to be scary and that was where we started this time. … More April Monster Mash- Now Paging Dr. Bonkers

The Horror Makeup

When you are a special effect makeup artist, you have to develop your skills by practicing on people that are kind enough to accept to be your model… well, sometimes they are chosen by me to volunteer and this is how it goes when you are published in a local newspaper! … More The Horror Makeup

Spooky Swamp Monster!

When I was asked by Alexa if I could come up with a Monster of the Month makeup using my progeny as a my model, I had no choice, but to say yes! And so for this month, here is what I have come up with when I decided to turn my little princess into a terrifying, but adorable Spooky Swamp Monster… … More Spooky Swamp Monster!

Kendra Hale

I am an artist at heart, but a mother first to two wonderful children of which, one models for both Gothic Bite Magazine and Kupatana Magazine for a makeup tester, Gabby. I love cooking homemade meals and grow pumpkins in my garden. … More Kendra Hale