The Celtic Druids

Upon researching my novel, looking for different types of characters I could use aside from the usual, the word Druid popped in my head, and I thought maybe it could be interesting to mix the truth and their folklore. … More The Celtic Druids

Netflix's The Witcher Invades Small Screens

Netflix’s The Witcher invades small screens from everywhere and this world of fantasy is now making its place into our homes as the new era of witches. … More Netflix's The Witcher Invades Small Screens

The Origin of Scandinavian Elves

Even Scotland seemed to believe in beautiful beings. The Celtic beliefs coming from English Isles, such as Scotland, depict elves as wanting to abduct humans. Findings of such precise attributes are related directly to early modern ballads from the British Isles. … More The Origin of Scandinavian Elves

Gothic Bite Magazine Interviewed Rayna Crimson

I sometimes have a habit of letting my own self-doubt hinder my aspirations, but that is something I am working through one day at a time. … More Gothic Bite Magazine Interviewed Rayna Crimson

An Origin of Dragons

In Celtic mythology, dragons come in two different shapes. We have the more commonly known with wings and four legs. Then, we have the sea dragon which looks more like a sea serpent. However, it does remain in the dragon family of Celtic mythology. … More An Origin of Dragons

The Origins of Fays

It does matter the spelling of the word: fae, fay, fey, fairy, it all means the same. The word itself first saw the light of day in early Dark Ages Times around the world. Other spellings consisting of faerie, fairie, fayrye, and feirie have their place in history. … More The Origins of Fays

Interview with author, Alice Renaud

Gothic Bite Magazine always feels grateful when an amazing author passes by and this week, we have Alice Renaud! … More Interview with author, Alice Renaud

When Your Vampires Speak

It was five years ago that I started writing about vampires.  I planned out a thirteen book series.
I would be my first novel filled with intrigued and mysteries. Then, it stopped talking to me, and I diverged away…
Now, what to do when your vampires speak again? … More When Your Vampires Speak

Vampire Community – Aramond S. VanRahamdalph is Interviewed

This month Rev. Dr. Aramond S. VanRahamdalph DD. sat down with our beloved Corinth Noctem Aeternus, for a one on one interview. Rev. Dr. VanRahamdalph.

He is the founder of many Houses inside the Houston Texas community and the founder of Houston’s Council of Community Affairs as well as the Texas and World Council of Community Affairs. … More Vampire Community – Aramond S. VanRahamdalph is Interviewed

Vampire Writing

When I was a very young child, I remember watching Sesame Street and my favorite character beside Oscar The Grouch was The Count.
I learned how to count with The Count! I like his appearance, accent which today might be seen as a little offensive. However, I believe my obsession with vampires started from that moment. … More Vampire Writing