Memoirs of a Cemetery Caretaker

Imagine walking in a cemetery. The grass perfectly trimmed, the stairs swept, and the grave markers and tombstones are clean.

Your loved ones resting place is in good hands. This above is the job of a cemetery caretaker. … More Memoirs of a Cemetery Caretaker

Père Lachaise Cemetery – the beat goes on…

When night falls tones of piano and guitar gently meld together and a beautiful chorus of voices come together to sing a melody that would bring even the most cynical of man to tears.

A fog rolls in and among the gravestones there are memories and snippets of time coming forward to say listen. Join… the beat goes on. … More Père Lachaise Cemetery – the beat goes on…

Living The Goth Life At Thirty-Five

Living the Goth life at thirty-five is not as easy as people think for we get the looks and people think it’s a phase when it’s a lifestyle. … More Living The Goth Life At Thirty-Five

Vampires Are Monsters Too

They would hang them on the front door with the mirror facing out or place them with the mirror facing out. … More Vampires Are Monsters Too

Favorite Monster Week Starts With Remnants!

Monsters can come in many shapes and variations, from the beastly to the all too human. … More Favorite Monster Week Starts With Remnants!

Phobia Week Taphophobia

That phobia is called Taphophobia, and it is actually a widespread fear. Especially among people with anxiety and depression. No one seems to know why that is, though. … More Phobia Week Taphophobia

Phobia Week Today Is Monatophobia

The clinical term for my fear or phobia is Monatophobia. Simply put, the fear of dying alone. … More Phobia Week Today Is Monatophobia

From True Blood To New Blood

From True Blood to New Blood is a review going back when Bon Temps was part of our summer and brought southern charm to our lives with vampires and more. … More From True Blood To New Blood

A Wicked Case of Pediophobia

A gentle gift, given the name of Robert, would soon cause waking nightmares for the boy known to family as Gene. … More A Wicked Case of Pediophobia

The 1988 Night of the Demons

The 1988 Night of the Demons movie is one of the guilty pleasures that I have and is quite a B-List horror movie I recommend for the demon experience. … More The 1988 Night of the Demons

As Above So Below Be Careful

As above so below be careful not to forget what you learned from hell and Dante’s Inferno among other mythologies dating back to the Philosopher’s Stone! … More As Above So Below Be Careful

Beelzebub The Prince of Demons

Beelzebub the prince of demons is neither Satan nor Lucifer but a fallen angels of his own who has a high ranking in demonology and hell itself. … More Beelzebub The Prince of Demons

Interviewing A Professional Vampirologist

Interviewing a professional vampirologist doesn’t happen everyday since it is quite uncommon to come across a vampire these days but Dr. Lyon did it! … More Interviewing A Professional Vampirologist

Death Is Not Evil

Now, as our usual readers know, I am Gothic Bite Magazine’s Death Expert, which means I write articles about death and whatnot. However, it has come to my attention that the media: television, movies, books, among other platforms, love to make anything related to death, evil. … More Death Is Not Evil

The Art of Letting Go

It becomes an act of fearlessness and kneeling humility, with hope to catch a glint of loving compassion in infinity’s eye. … More The Art of Letting Go

Alleged Vampire Witch

Well, vampires became more popular following the end of the witch hunt. Their popularity gained after the infamous Salem Witch Trial. … More Alleged Vampire Witch

Why Death Positivity is Important

I’ve always liked what people consider creepy and scary. I blame my older siblings for introducing me to comic books and monster movies/books! Not really, I appreciate them for it. I’m the person who had her funeral planned out before her wedding. That’s how creepy I am. … More Why Death Positivity is Important

Vampire People Pt.1

However, Grando rose that night. The third version states that one of the men cut Grando’s head from his shoulders and that blood gushed from the sixteen-year-old corpse. … More Vampire People Pt.1

TAPS Ghost Hunters

This one-hour weekly docu-soap follows a group of real-life paranormal researchers as they investigate haunted houses throughout the country, encountering every type of imaginable haunting. … More TAPS Ghost Hunters

L.A. Maciel

To say that I find death fascinating is an understatement. I grew up knowing that if mother hadn’t have woken up on time, I would have been a SIDS — Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, statistic. So, naturally, the knowledge of knowing I would have been dead that I wouldn’t be here has fascinated me, my entire life. … More L.A. Maciel