Why Death Positivity is Important

I’ve always liked what people consider creepy and scary. I blame my older siblings for introducing me to comic books and monster movies/books! Not really, I appreciate them for it. I’m the person who had her funeral planned out before her wedding. That’s how creepy I am. … More Why Death Positivity is Important

Death Anxiety or Positivity

Death is a delicate subject for many. It is not a word we like to use or talk about. Sometimes it causes trauma, brings the worst in people and causes sadness…

but what if I told you L.A. Maciel, our new writer, has another view on death? … More Death Anxiety or Positivity

Death Is Not Evil

Now, as our usual readers know, I am Gothic Bite Magazine’s Death Expert, which means I write articles about death and whatnot. However, it has come to my attention that the media: television, movies, books, among other platforms, love to make anything related to death, evil. … More Death Is Not Evil

Living The Goth Life At Thirty-Five

Living the Goth life at thirty-five is not as easy as people think for we get the looks and people think it’s a phase when it’s a lifestyle. … More Living The Goth Life At Thirty-Five

What It MeansTo Be A Witch In 2019 With L.A. Maciel

To be honest, I never really thought about it. I’ve always loved witches and the idea of the witch. When I think of a witch, I think of an influential person, a person who knows themselves. So, to answer your question! I guess I’ve always known. … More What It MeansTo Be A Witch In 2019 With L.A. Maciel

The Art of Letting Go

It becomes an act of fearlessness and kneeling humility, with hope to catch a glint of loving compassion in infinity’s eye. … More The Art of Letting Go

Memoirs of a Cemetery Caretaker

Imagine walking in a cemetery. The grass perfectly trimmed, the stairs swept, and the grave markers and tombstones are clean.

Your loved ones resting place is in good hands. This above is the job of a cemetery caretaker. … More Memoirs of a Cemetery Caretaker

Halloween is Back

The William Shatner inside out mask, the one piece mechanic suit, tall and broad shoulders holding a knife. … More Halloween is Back