Dracula Is Alive Again On Netflix

Dracula is alive again on Netflix for the first time as the channel show us a different yet traditional Dracula based on Bram Stoker’s work. … More Dracula Is Alive Again On Netflix

Nosferatu Redeems Dracula As A Vampire

Nosferatu redeems Dracula as a vampire due to its nature closer to animalistic and less focused on his status compared to plague instead of a monster. … More Nosferatu Redeems Dracula As A Vampire

Dracula Untold A Review

People who know me, know that I am a little obsessed with Vlad the Impaler. I have read his story, his life and done research to understand his mind better.
People who know me, know that I’m also obsessed with vampires. Just as much research done and now, the combination of both my love in one movie, Dracula Untold and here’s my review. … More Dracula Untold A Review

Mainstream Horror Vs. Indie Horror

Mainstream horror vs. indie horror, a question that many people think about when it comes to choosing a good horror movie which one are you? … More Mainstream Horror Vs. Indie Horror

The Devil’s Landing On Earth

The Devil’s landing on Earth is not necessarily a hot topic in any conversation but it is a question worth asking when thinking of the Devil. … More The Devil’s Landing On Earth

Interviewing A Vampire Named Vlad Tepes

I am Vladislav Basarab Tepes III, once the ruler of Romania. When I woke up a vampire, I learned that I would become an essential piece on the monster chessboard. … More Interviewing A Vampire Named Vlad Tepes

Hotel Transylvania Goes Canadian!

Hotel Transylvania goes Canadian moving its animation to the northern borders and turning the beloved movie franchise into a weekly Gothic ghoulish cartoon! … More Hotel Transylvania Goes Canadian!

Vlad The Impaler An Introduction To Horror

This article is about Vlad the Impaler, an introduction to horror and facts about his life that are not shared about his life as a hero and inspiration. … More Vlad The Impaler An Introduction To Horror

A Night Prince Novel, Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

Vlad Tepesh, the ruthless master vampire and inspiration for Bram Stoker’s dark legend (but don’t dare call him Dracula) encounters a mortal woman with unimaginable power…including the ability to enflame his cold heart. … More A Night Prince Novel, Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

The Horrifying Definition of Monster

Monsters have a heritage in their history. Either it is from religion or mythology, monsters possess an origin of their own. As an example, the Greeks and Romans saw monsters as divine displeasure. Consequently, they perceived congenital disabilities or malformations as ominous. … More The Horrifying Definition of Monster

Gothic Bite Magazine Interviewed Author M.J. Vieira

My first book, Lux, opened a new door for me and despite working forty hours a week, raising my son and dealing with autoimmune issues, I keep pushing because it’s a passion I can’t allow to die. … More Gothic Bite Magazine Interviewed Author M.J. Vieira

Choosing Your Fangs

If you’ve ever seen a modern-day vampire, you know that they come in many different shapes and sizes. Gone are the days of the slicked-back hair, capes and elongated fangs. Vampires don’t hide in the shadows these days. … More Choosing Your Fangs

Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D is one of those series that by the title of the show it can be guessed what the show itself, and its main character for that matter, are all about from the beginning. … More Vampire Hunter D

Elizabeth Báthory The Blood Countess

Elizabeth Báthory history of the Blood Countess is somewhat part of the Gothic world but not as many people as you would think know of her true life. … More Elizabeth Báthory The Blood Countess

Castlevania The Review

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Edward Hale wrote a classic game review … More Castlevania The Review

Interview with Macabre Artist from Finland Tero Porthan

Gothic Bite Magazine likes to discover all kinds of new artists and this one I discovered while on DeviantArt.

He has a fascinating mind and eyes for the tasteful macabre. So, I asked if an interview with us would be something he considered. Here are his answers. … More Interview with Macabre Artist from Finland Tero Porthan

Overview of Satanism

The Church of Satan, created by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966 that he named the Age of Satan by self-proclaiming himself as High Priest of the first Church of Satan saw the light of day in the sixties. … More Overview of Satanism

Top 100 Best Horror Movies

At Gothic Bite Magazine we like our horror movies. To us, they all have a little something, therefore, hard to place in order! Each of us has a personal Top Horror Movies!
Either it is paranormal, slasher, torture porn or lighter movies. Here is our Top 100 Best Horror Movies’ List! Not necessarily in perfect order, but a spooky list to look at nonetheless! … More Top 100 Best Horror Movies

Interview with Sarah Baethge

One of Gothic Bite Magazine’s goals is to give the chance to paranormal and horror independent authors to shine. Here is what Sarah Baethge, had to tell Gothic Bite! … More Interview with Sarah Baethge