Readers Beware, we are back for another scare. After a short break here we are with the next in line for my Goosebumps series. Piano Lessons Can Be Murder was always one of my favorites as my Aunt took piano lessons and I longed to be able to play like the teacher. … More GOOSEBUMPS

GOOSEBUMPS! Welcome To Camp Nightmare

We enter this world through the eyes of Billy, our 12 year old, who is making his way to camp for the first time. On a bus with eighteen other boys and 4 girls, the boys are all set for the Camp Nightmoon while the girls are heading in a different direction. … More GOOSEBUMPS! Welcome To Camp Nightmare

GOOSEBUMPS! The Haunted Mask

How the longer she wears it, the more it conforms to her face and the more real the mask look. Perspiration included. She sets out for revenge but will Carly Beth be able to accept the consequences? … More GOOSEBUMPS! The Haunted Mask

GOOSEBUMPS! The Girl Who Cried Monster

Here we are again dear readers and this is a doozy of a book. I have had a few reviews go out of order to match up with a monster of the month and because of that to catch up this month will have two separate reviews. The first is book #8 The Girl Who Cried Monster, from Goosebumps, let us begin. … More GOOSEBUMPS! The Girl Who Cried Monster

GOOSEBUMPS! The Ghost Next Door

This month in Gothic Bite Magazine our Monster of the Month is Ghosts, going along with that palette of horror I give you one of the Goosebumps Books on the list with number ten, The Ghost Next Door. … More GOOSEBUMPS! The Ghost Next Door

GOOSEBUMPS! Night of the Living Dummy

Welcome back dear readers, and what a time you picked to join us if you have just begun.

This book is one of my favorites and most memorable tales from the Goosebumps series; I know I am not the only one to say this. … More GOOSEBUMPS! Night of the Living Dummy


Who can stay invisible the longest? You see for however long someone is invisible; it takes them that long to come back once the light turned back off. Even worse Max and his friends start to feel off. … More GOOSEBUMPS!

GOOSEBUMPS! Say Cheese And Die! Review by Kendra Hale

This novel is one of my top five books that I adored from the original series. It was also one that I looked forward to as I came back to read these stories as an adult.
One of the main reasons why that is is the belief that cameras have the power to steal away parts of our souls or essences completely enthralls me.

Now, the GOOSEBUMPS #5 by R.L. Stine, Say Cheese And Die! Review by Kendra Hale! … More GOOSEBUMPS! Say Cheese And Die! Review by Kendra Hale

GOOSEBUMPS! Monster Blood Review by Kendra Hale

I hope you prepare yourself for this twisted tale of magic and blood readers. This scare will make your hairs stand on end. … More GOOSEBUMPS! Monster Blood Review by Kendra Hale

GOOSEBUMPS! The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb review by Kendra Hale

What starts as an exciting trip to Egypt slowly turns into a twisted tale of terror lost in the labyrinth of an ancient tomb as we join our children in this installment of Goosebumps. … More GOOSEBUMPS! The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb review by Kendra Hale

GOOSEBUMPS — Stay Out of the Basement review by Kendra

Dr. Brewer is doing a little plant-testing in his basement. Nothing to worry about. Harmless, really. But Margaret and Casey Brewer are worried about their father. Especially when they…meet…some of the plants he is growing down there.
Then they notice that their father is developing plantlike tendencies. In fact, he is becoming distinctly weedy–and seedy. Is it just part of their father’s “harmless” experiment? Or has the basement turned into another little shop of horrors? … More GOOSEBUMPS — Stay Out of the Basement review by Kendra

Goosebumps – Back to the Basics

Dear reader let us go back on a journey to the past, where the book scene had started to change, in my opinion for the better, and writers like Bruce Coville, Christopher Pike, Lois Duncan, Alvin Schwartz, and of course R.L. Stine emerged with an absolute blazing glory. … More Goosebumps – Back to the Basics

GBM Interviews Indie Author Jackie Sonnenberg

I also have experience as a cosplayer and haunted house actor, and one day I brainstormed how I can merge my creative worlds together. … More GBM Interviews Indie Author Jackie Sonnenberg

The Deep Dark by Francis J. Burns

Gothic Bite Magazine is now opening their gates to all authors who would enjoy sharing their work with the public. We welcome all writers, from the enthusiasts to the professionals. … More The Deep Dark by Francis J. Burns

Through the Fire and the Flames – Notre Dame

The throes of mourners watching singing her Ava Maria hits emotions and livens the skin with goosebumps. It is truly a sad day as a pillar of hope and muse for many is suffering this blow. … More Through the Fire and the Flames – Notre Dame

ANIMORPH SERIES – The In-Depth Review

Just reading the back jacket of this book caused when I was younger. Like Goosebumps, Animorphs was another series I adored when I was younger.

I read all the way to the ending of the series, as well as all the extra side stories and stories that were from different points of view from major players in the series … More ANIMORPH SERIES – The In-Depth Review

The Exorcist Review

It doesn’t matter how old you are. The Exorcist is one of the most horrifying possession movies of all time if not the number one.
It shocked people when it released. It still takes people by surprise today. The Exorcist review is now overdue at GBM! … More The Exorcist Review

Poltergeist Review

The movie Poltergeist is one of the cult classics of horror that everyone still believes to this day to be one of the best made.
No movie can ever be like it. No one can make a movie like it again. Poltergeist is without a doubt, fantastic. … More Poltergeist Review

Night of the Demons Review

When I was younger, my passion for horror movies got me intrigued about a variety of subjects. I only had about two friends. We would go to the video store and choose horror movies.
There was that one with a horrible face and red title, Night of the Demons. I had to watch it. … More Night of the Demons Review