GOOSEBUMPS! The Haunted Mask

How the longer she wears it, the more it conforms to her face and the more real the mask look. Perspiration included. She sets out for revenge but will Carly Beth be able to accept the consequences? … More GOOSEBUMPS! The Haunted Mask

GOOSEBUMPS! The Girl Who Cried Monster

Here we are again dear readers and this is a doozy of a book. I have had a few reviews go out of order to match up with a monster of the month and because of that to catch up this month will have two separate reviews. The first is book #8 The Girl Who Cried Monster, from Goosebumps, let us begin. … More GOOSEBUMPS! The Girl Who Cried Monster

GOOSEBUMPS! The Ghost Next Door

This month in Gothic Bite Magazine our Monster of the Month is Ghosts, going along with that palette of horror I give you one of the Goosebumps Books on the list with number ten, The Ghost Next Door. … More GOOSEBUMPS! The Ghost Next Door

GOOSEBUMPS! Night of the Living Dummy

Welcome back dear readers, and what a time you picked to join us if you have just begun.

This book is one of my favorites and most memorable tales from the Goosebumps series; I know I am not the only one to say this. … More GOOSEBUMPS! Night of the Living Dummy


Who can stay invisible the longest? You see for however long someone is invisible; it takes them that long to come back once the light turned back off. Even worse Max and his friends start to feel off. … More GOOSEBUMPS!