Mainstream Horror Vs. Indie Horror

Mainstream horror vs. indie horror, a question that many people think about when it comes to choosing a good horror movie which one are you? … More Mainstream Horror Vs. Indie Horror

Reviewing Horror Movies And The Subgenres

Reviewing horror movies and the subgenres that emerged in the most recent years showing us that horror is not going anywhere and only grows. … More Reviewing Horror Movies And The Subgenres

The Ladies of Horror Flash Project Featured KENDRA HALE!

The tea was always too hot, I remember hating that. I remember everything about those moments, others would flit away and fade away in the bin where those things would go in my mind, but those moments stayed. … More The Ladies of Horror Flash Project Featured KENDRA HALE!

Vlad The Impaler An Introduction To Horror

This article is about Vlad the Impaler, an introduction to horror and facts about his life that are not shared about his life as a hero and inspiration. … More Vlad The Impaler An Introduction To Horror

Interview with Psychological Horror Author, Luc Vors

I am so fascinated with how things function at their extremes, especially when it comes to the human mind. Our survival instincts are always watching everything that happens around us and inside us. … More Interview with Psychological Horror Author, Luc Vors

Mrs. Blackwood A Five Star Horror Novella

Mrs. Blackwood has one cover for the digital version while the paperback itself has a special and unique cover. Arielle Lyon studied graphic design and being an illustrator has her possess an eye for design. … More Mrs. Blackwood A Five Star Horror Novella

Trepanning The Horror

There is evidence of it being used to treat those behaving erratically, and it can be assumed that the behavior can be attributed to mental illness. However, they believed that mental illness was caused by being inhabited by a malicious or evil spirit. … More Trepanning The Horror

Sandman, A Horror Poem

He is coming through the dilapidated alley
Slowly he’s coming to your window and watches the prey.
And if you look at his gaze you will fall in never land
For he will feed your eyes with his fearsome dreadful sand.
Shhhh here comes the Sandman. … More Sandman, A Horror Poem

Top 100 Best Horror Movies

At Gothic Bite Magazine we like our horror movies. To us, they all have a little something, therefore, hard to place in order! Each of us has a personal Top Horror Movies!
Either it is paranormal, slasher, torture porn or lighter movies. Here is our Top 100 Best Horror Movies’ List! Not necessarily in perfect order, but a spooky list to look at nonetheless! … More Top 100 Best Horror Movies

Top 100 Cheesy Horror Movies

Gothic Bite Magazine recognizes that we all have different taste and that is amazing because in our opinion it means that there are no real good or bad movies. It all depends on the taste of each person.
For that reason, we decided not to offer a Top 100 BAD Horror Movies, but Cheesy instead and more about the appearance or in funny manners. So, here are our picks! … More Top 100 Cheesy Horror Movies

American Horror Review

Created by Ryan Murphy, one of the co-creators of the hit show Glee, American Horror Story debuted on October 5th of 2011 to an unsuspecting audience on the FX Networks. … More American Horror Review

The Werewolf Trials — A Horror Story

When the Dark Ages ended, slowly, the witch hunt started and it led to werewolf trials too. … More The Werewolf Trials — A Horror Story

Moosham Castle – A Horror Story

Travel the country sides of Europe and you are bound to see a castle. To date there are over ten thousand known castles in Europe and Asia.

Many of the oldest castles in the world are in Germany. With age comes history and not necessarily a pleasant history at that.
Europe’s Middle Ages were plagued with turmoil. The Crusades, witch-hunts (and werewolf hunts) vampire hysteria and war torn through the old world. Leaving in its wake tears in the fabric between this world and the next. … More Moosham Castle – A Horror Story

The Horror Makeup

When you are a special effect makeup artist, you have to develop your skills by practicing on people that are kind enough to accept to be your model… well, sometimes they are chosen by me to volunteer and this is how it goes when you are published in a local newspaper! … More The Horror Makeup

Mystical Menagerie – The Mermaid Folklore by Mandi Konesni

The mermaid legend is making quite a come back in the horror movie industry. Did you know that mermaids are part of folklore around the world? Mandi Konesni dive into the subject in this week’s column! … More Mystical Menagerie – The Mermaid Folklore by Mandi Konesni

GBM Interviews TikTok Sensation, JustHauntr

At Gothic Bite Magazine we love welcoming new patients to become part of our asylum. It doesn’t matter what creative field. They’re our patient now. This week, we welcome welcome TikTok Sensation, Just Hauntr! … More GBM Interviews TikTok Sensation, JustHauntr