Scorecard Killer

There is something about the State of California, with its sunny beaches, the coast, and its beautiful people, that can be misleading. There’s a darker side to this beautiful state. … More Scorecard Killer

G.L.O.W. The Alternative Electronic Music Project

G.L.O.W. which stands for General, Language, of Oscillating, Wisdom. G.L.O.W. is an enthusiastic, South African project created by the sound engineer Richard Wheeler. — G.L.O.W. Facebook Page … More G.L.O.W. The Alternative Electronic Music Project

Interview with Psychological Horror Author, Luc Vors

I am so fascinated with how things function at their extremes, especially when it comes to the human mind. Our survival instincts are always watching everything that happens around us and inside us. … More Interview with Psychological Horror Author, Luc Vors

Gory and Gore Awaits in The Beast by Dora Esquivel

In a world where killers hunt under the cover of darkness, Detective Dumas must rely on his steamy partner. While he’s not sure he can trust him to help drag a murderer in the cold hard light of day, Remi must face his unresolved issues from his past. … More Gory and Gore Awaits in The Beast by Dora Esquivel

Serial Murders

There seems to be a fascination with serial killers. Even I am intrigued by them. So, what is it about them that piques people interest in them? Is it their crimes, the victims? The types of murders they committed. … More Serial Murders

Leatherface The Man

*** WARNING THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS MATURE AND GRAPHIC SUBJECT MATTER *** Who never watched one of the nine movie versions of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Well, I only watched the 1974 movie version and let me tell you when I stomached it back in 1982, it scared the hell out of me as it was creepy, violent, and so believable. … More Leatherface The Man

Scream The Review

To any horror movie fan, if shown the recognizable ghost face mask they know it from the iconic nineties movie, Scream. … More Scream The Review

Creepypasta’s Best

When I think of what a Creepypasta is the first definition is this: A story that has found its start on the internet and grown beyond expectation almost developing a life of its own. … More Creepypasta’s Best

Red Dead Redemption 2

As almost every single person on social media in the last month has been made aware of.

A huge game was just released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October; one many of us had waited 8 years for, that’s right, Red Dead Redemption 2. … More Red Dead Redemption 2

Top 100 Cheesy Horror Movies

Gothic Bite Magazine recognizes that we all have different taste and that is amazing because in our opinion it means that there are no real good or bad movies. It all depends on the taste of each person.
For that reason, we decided not to offer a Top 100 BAD Horror Movies, but Cheesy instead and more about the appearance or in funny manners. So, here are our picks! … More Top 100 Cheesy Horror Movies

Night of the Demons Review

When I was younger, my passion for horror movies got me intrigued about a variety of subjects. I only had about two friends. We would go to the video store and choose horror movies.
There was that one with a horrible face and red title, Night of the Demons. I had to watch it. … More Night of the Demons Review

A Nightmare on Elm Street Review

Everyone knows the burned face, the hat, the Christmas sweater with the leather gloves armed with razors.
His name is Freddy Krueger, and he haunts the dreams of teenagers. In the first movie though, he was after the children of those who killed him thus A Nightmare on Elm Street commence. … More A Nightmare on Elm Street Review

Let The Right One In Review

With the 31 Days of Halloween coming to its end, some movies still need some reviews and this one is quite special because it is the original Swedish version of Let Me In. … More Let The Right One In Review

House of a 1000 Corpses Review

In 2003 the world was not ready for what was coming to the world of horror.
Rob Zombie previously had been significant in the world of music with some saying his music videos were like horror movies unto themselves. … More House of a 1000 Corpses Review

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Review

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a movie I’ve watched more times than I care to remember.
Horror was a staple in my household growing up, and this has to be one of my absolute favorites. … More The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Review

Sharknado Anyone?

So let’s be fair here, this movie does belong in the cheesy category.
The over the top action, the one-liners, the death scenes, it all adds up to a movie you would expect to see in the cheesy category. … More Sharknado Anyone?

Halloween is Back

The William Shatner inside out mask, the one piece mechanic suit, tall and broad shoulders holding a knife.

The Scream Queen in all her glory stalked and terrified every Halloween. … More Halloween is Back

Prom Night Scream Queen

Growing up I was into horror movies, not only the good or classics but the cheesy ones as well. I liked how it brought some intensity in my life and fed my imagination.
Then, came the movie Prom Night. I wondered if it would be the new “Scream” of the new generation. … More Prom Night Scream Queen

Slasher Series A Review

Slasher is an American Horror Story style show. Each season, 2 of them so far, have not only a different story but unlike AHS have a completely different cast.
Coming to us from Canada, I will warn that this series is not for the faint of heart. The TV-MA rating is correct. … More Slasher Series A Review

Trick ‘r Treat Movie Review

Trick ‘r Treat is a five-story anthology all about Halloween. The stories comprise of a high school principal with a dark secret.
A college virgin looking for the right man; some teenagers that pull a sinister prank; a woman who hates Halloween has to put up with her husband that is obsessed with it; finally the hated old man gets the trick or treater of a lifetime. … More Trick ‘r Treat Movie Review

From My Heart To Yours

Autoimmune hepatitis, formerly called lupoid hepatitis, is a chronic, autoimmune disease of the liver that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks liver cells causing the liver to be inflamed. — Wikipedia … More From My Heart To Yours

Vampire Community Interview about Sanguivore by Artemis Dai

With each month we try to bring into the limelight someone from the Vampire Community that represents a unique perspective and this month it is about being a Sanguivore … More Vampire Community Interview about Sanguivore by Artemis Dai

E3 2018

So, it’s become a tradition in our house to watch the live stream of E3. Over the course of the numerous conferences, we watch and discuss everything we see.
In this article, we will be doing the exact same thing, running down the various conferences and at the end, giving you my personal grade for the shows. … More E3 2018

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton

The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series is an urban fantasy that has sold more than six million copies worldwide. Twenty-six books translated into dozens of different languages. … More Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton