GBM Wishes You Merry Krampus!

GBM wishes you a Merry Krampus for the second consecutive year with an anthology filled with spooky and twisted stories from awesome authors! … More GBM Wishes You Merry Krampus!

Krampus The Movie

In 2015, a horror comedy movie named, Krampus came out in theatres.

It brought a unique vision on the holidays and taught us about a character that has been part of human history for a long while. … More Krampus The Movie

The Origins of Krampus

Hel had a son he named Krampus. Over the years, he became associated with Christmas. Why?

Half goat, half human, all demon. The beast has no problem following people of all ages in the streets reminding them of their evilness. Why? … More The Origins of Krampus

Merry Krampus Live on Amazon

To wish everyone Happy Holidays, Gothic Bite Magazine Presents the Merry Krampus Anthology Vol.1!

Grab your digital copy on Amazon for just $2.97 and get lost in eight different stories from eight wonderful authors! … More Merry Krampus Live on Amazon

Gothic Bite Magazine

Gothic Bite Magazine is a webzine where everything dark, twisted and obscure come to life. We are a team of bloggers writing about legends, folklore, speculative sciences, cryptozoology, and underrated entertainment! … More Gothic Bite Magazine

The Exorcist’s Apprentice Town of Pottersfield by L.A. Maciel

I love a good prequel don’t you? It always feels like you are seeing the inner sanctum and waiting for the alarms to go off because you are in a restricted area and the $*$* could hit the fan any minute if you are not careful. … More The Exorcist’s Apprentice Town of Pottersfield by L.A. Maciel

The Gothic Grimoire Anthology

Gothic Bite Magazine is proud to present our third anthology to our amazing followers and wonderful readers!

The Gothic Grimoire Anthology is all about the darkest the paranormal can offer from immortals to hauntings, and a grimoire ties all. … More The Gothic Grimoire Anthology

Downfall – Supra Humans Vol.1 Coming out soon!

When the world needs more than heroes when the world needs little more… Do you wish to know more? The downfall is coming out 2019/02/26! … More Downfall – Supra Humans Vol.1 Coming out soon!

Mystery Man Interview

After some time now, I sat down with someone and had a one on one. If you remember, last month I spoke with the lovely Queen Lovelace in Richmond. … More Mystery Man Interview

Happy New Year!

Gothic Bite Magazine is happy to wish all of their followers and readers a Happy New Year for 2019! … More Happy New Year!

Ghost Story Sunday

Gothic Bite Magazine is now opening their gates to all authors who would enjoy sharing their work with the public. We welcome all writers, from the enthusiasts to the professionals. … More Ghost Story Sunday

Zombiepalooza Interview

My first podcast interview was an experience I can’t forget. … More Zombiepalooza Interview

Zombiepalooza Radio Live has Arielle Lyon on their show!

Guess who will be on the AMAZING!!! Zombiepalooza Radio Live tomorrow at 8:15 EST Time? ME, Arielle Lyon aka Alexa Wayne! … More Zombiepalooza Radio Live has Arielle Lyon on their show!

Top 100 Best Horror Movies

At Gothic Bite Magazine we like our horror movies. To us, they all have a little something, therefore, hard to place in order! Each of us has a personal Top Horror Movies!
Either it is paranormal, slasher, torture porn or lighter movies. Here is our Top 100 Best Horror Movies’ List! Not necessarily in perfect order, but a spooky list to look at nonetheless! … More Top 100 Best Horror Movies