Krampus The Movie

In 2015, a horror comedy movie named, Krampus came out in theatres.

It brought a unique vision on the holidays and taught us about a character that has been part of human history for a long while. … More Krampus The Movie

The Origins of Krampus

Hel had a son he named Krampus. Over the years, he became associated with Christmas. Why?

Half goat, half human, all demon. The beast has no problem following people of all ages in the streets reminding them of their evilness. Why? … More The Origins of Krampus

Merry Krampus Live on Amazon

To wish everyone Happy Holidays, Gothic Bite Magazine Presents the Merry Krampus Anthology Vol.1!

Grab your digital copy on Amazon for just $2.97 and get lost in eight different stories from eight wonderful authors! … More Merry Krampus Live on Amazon

Merry Krampus Anthology

Gothic Bite Magazine is proud to promote the Merry Krampus Anthology. If you feel like you need something different for the holidays to come and if you think that Santa Claus is overrated, why not give Krampus a chance? … More Merry Krampus Anthology


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