What It MeansTo Be A Witch In 2019 With L.A. Maciel

To be honest, I never really thought about it. I’ve always loved witches and the idea of the witch. When I think of a witch, I think of an influential person, a person who knows themselves. So, to answer your question! I guess I’ve always known. … More What It MeansTo Be A Witch In 2019 With L.A. Maciel

The Origin of Scandinavian Elves

Even Scotland seemed to believe in beautiful beings. The Celtic beliefs coming from English Isles, such as Scotland, depict elves as wanting to abduct humans. Findings of such precise attributes are related directly to early modern ballads from the British Isles. … More The Origin of Scandinavian Elves

Alleged Vampire Witch

Well, vampires became more popular following the end of the witch hunt. Their popularity gained after the infamous Salem Witch Trial. … More Alleged Vampire Witch

Gothic in Every Way – Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

The very thought of a man capable of standing against greater evil, inspiring others strong enough to stand by his side is necessary for humans to survive. Robin Hood represents: justice, fairness and equality. Three words that to this day we fight to keep real. … More Gothic in Every Way – Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Ring The Bells of Notre Dame

This article is not a journalistic piece, and it is not a typical blog post from Gothic Bite Magazine. It is a bit small specter of history mixed with my emotional state at the view of Notre Dame in flames. … More Ring The Bells of Notre Dame

The Origins of Fays

It does matter the spelling of the word: fae, fay, fey, fairy, it all means the same. The word itself first saw the light of day in early Dark Ages Times around the world. Other spellings consisting of faerie, fairie, fayrye, and feirie have their place in history. … More The Origins of Fays

The Burial of Vampires

We might believe vampires don’t exist but back in medieval Europe it was common to protect oneself from a bloodsucking creature. … More The Burial of Vampires

The Celtic Druids

Upon researching my novel, looking for different types of characters I could use aside from the usual, the word Druid popped in my head, and I thought maybe it could be interesting to mix the truth and their folklore. … More The Celtic Druids

The Haunting of Montebello Castle

There is a house in New Orleans, just kidding readers. We are traveling to the Castle of Montebello in Rimini, Italy.
Here there is an exceptional occurrence that only happens every 5 years, a story that involves a lovely but very different little girl. … More The Haunting of Montebello Castle

Most Haunted Review

I enjoy paranormal shows on television, those documentaries about researchers who go to places and investigate.
There are some series that I give the benefit of the doubt while others, I watch because it makes Bobenstein, my hubby, sigh. I’m evil like that, mwahaha… … More Most Haunted Review

The Vampire Castle

The Alnwick Castle is located in the village of Northumberland in the old country of England, United Kingdom.
The castle dates back to the ninth century and is believed to be the home of a vampire. Here is the story of the vampire castle of England. … More The Vampire Castle

Werewolves in Paranormal Romance

Werewolves have been part of human legends and folklore for many centuries. They have encountered many obstacles throughout their existence in our stories.
From undergoing the horror of the witch trials to being compared to hell creatures, they’ve endured and thrived. However, they finally did find a place where they are loved and desired… the paranormal romance world. … More Werewolves in Paranormal Romance

Peter Stumpp – The Execution of a Werewolf

The werewolves were born of legends and folklore back in the Ancient Times and survived through all the centuries, wars and time. Throughout history, professors and scientists have discovered records of witch trials, and through those, werewolves.
One of them seemed to have been the center of all attraction, Peter Stumpp, the execution of a werewolf from hell. … More Peter Stumpp – The Execution of a Werewolf

Vampires are a fact?

Vampires have been part of our folklore for hundreds of years. The beliefs that a being subsisting on the vital fluids of a human has timelessly been retold numerous times around the world.
To be quite honest, I wonder why it hasn’t been part of an episode of Ancient Aliens! Because when you do a little research it has you thinking if vampires are a fact. … More Vampires are a fact?

Jekyll Hyde Jewelry

When creating the perfect Gothic ensemble, it’s just as important to match your outfit with authentic jewelry. While researching vintage and medieval costume jewelry, I discovered Jekyll Hyde Jewelry through Facebook.

When ordering handmade jewelry, one fears about the quality of the finished product. I was searching for a locket to give away as a present, I received a beautiful vintage Gothic locket. The quality was very similar to anything I would purchase from a store or professional jeweller. … More Jekyll Hyde Jewelry