Reviewing Horror Movies And The Subgenres

Reviewing horror movies and the subgenres that emerged in the most recent years showing us that horror is not going anywhere and only grows. … More Reviewing Horror Movies And The Subgenres

Krampus The Movie

In 2015, a horror comedy movie named, Krampus came out in theatres.

It brought a unique vision on the holidays and taught us about a character that has been part of human history for a long while. … More Krampus The Movie

Top 100 Best Horror Movies

At Gothic Bite Magazine we like our horror movies. To us, they all have a little something, therefore, hard to place in order! Each of us has a personal Top Horror Movies!
Either it is paranormal, slasher, torture porn or lighter movies. Here is our Top 100 Best Horror Movies’ List! Not necessarily in perfect order, but a spooky list to look at nonetheless! … More Top 100 Best Horror Movies

Top 100 Cheesy Horror Movies

Gothic Bite Magazine recognizes that we all have different taste and that is amazing because in our opinion it means that there are no real good or bad movies. It all depends on the taste of each person.
For that reason, we decided not to offer a Top 100 BAD Horror Movies, but Cheesy instead and more about the appearance or in funny manners. So, here are our picks! … More Top 100 Cheesy Horror Movies

11:11 Movie Review

I always was a horror fan. Just as much as I like good ones with great stories, I enjoy the cheesy ones for a laugh.
Because once I went to the video club — yes, I’m that old and nothing was interesting, I pulled out 11:11. … More 11:11 Movie Review

Trick ‘r Treat Movie Review

Trick ‘r Treat is a five-story anthology all about Halloween. The stories comprise of a high school principal with a dark secret.
A college virgin looking for the right man; some teenagers that pull a sinister prank; a woman who hates Halloween has to put up with her husband that is obsessed with it; finally the hated old man gets the trick or treater of a lifetime. … More Trick ‘r Treat Movie Review

Kayla Krantz

Kayla Krantz is an International Bestselling Author responsible for a number of novels in the genres of: Dark Fantasy, Psychological Horror, and Supernatural Thriller. … More Kayla Krantz

Mary Dean Kazen

Mary Dean Kazen PNR author interviewed bands, review concerts and albums, as well as writing about anything music-related. Mary is often found reading books or listening to an audiobook. She can also be blogging about her favorite books for Rabid Readers Book Blog.  … More Mary Dean Kazen

They Killed Burt Gummer

Last night I queued up Netflix and saw a new tremors film had come out, so naturally, I had to watch it. This film hit all the familiar beats I know and love from this franchise, but it also did something I never expected and shook me to my core. They killed Burt Gummer. … More They Killed Burt Gummer

Anneliese Michel The Possession

The case of Anneliese Michel is heartbreaking, terrifying, and tragic. The images and audio captured paint real fear. I will include a link to one of the audio files, of which there are forty known, if you choose to listen. … More Anneliese Michel The Possession

Why Is 666 The Number Of The Beast

Why is 666 the number of the beast? What makes 666 so special that only the repetition of 6 is the one associated with evil? Why is 666 evil? … More Why Is 666 The Number Of The Beast

The Ups And Downs Of Found-Footage

The ups and downs of found-footage lasted decades ever since The Blair Witch Project some gives the best stories others bad reputation. … More The Ups And Downs Of Found-Footage

Gothic Bite Magazine

Gothic Bite Magazine is a webzine where everything dark, twisted and obscure come to life. We are a team of bloggers writing about legends, folklore, speculative sciences, cryptozoology, and underrated entertainment! … More Gothic Bite Magazine

Ten Second Songs Now Anthony Vincent

Alright, Biters GBM is back after a little needed R&R. Before all of us writers jump back into writing, I thought I’d warm back up by showcasing another of my favorite musical YouTubers.  … More Ten Second Songs Now Anthony Vincent

Gothic Bite Magazine Welcome Back Charlotte Jordan

Eventually, I settled with watercolors as my primary medium. The reason I chose watercolor was for its convenience. Being able to carry it around with ease and practically paint everywhere with it. … More Gothic Bite Magazine Welcome Back Charlotte Jordan

Sleepaway A Camp To Give You Nightmares!

Sleepaway a camp to give you nightmares turned to a horror B movie cult classic and a franchise people seem to enjoy is now on Shudder! … More Sleepaway A Camp To Give You Nightmares!

Living The Goth Life At Thirty-Five

Living the Goth life at thirty-five is not as easy as people think for we get the looks and people think it’s a phase when it’s a lifestyle. … More Living The Goth Life At Thirty-Five

Gothic Bite Magazine Presents: C.M. Dutton short story, First Date

Christianmichael or CM Dutton, formerly known by the pen name Hui Lang. It is the name his son called him which means, Gray Wolf. … More Gothic Bite Magazine Presents: C.M. Dutton short story, First Date

Summoning Darkness In The 80s

Summoning darkness in the 80s comes as a horror comedy flick guaranteeing a laugh from you while remembering how the decade rocks! … More Summoning Darkness In The 80s