The Phantom of the Opera Fanlore

While doing some research on The Phantom of the Opera, I have stumbled upon followers of the monster created by Gaston Leroux and made quite famous over the years through various musicals. … More The Phantom of the Opera Fanlore

The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

The year is 1986. The scene is inside of Her Majesty’s Theatre, as the lights start to dim anticipation builds.
The orchestra has started their warm up notes and there is a hint of small murmurs throughout the crowd as they move restlessly ready for the show to start.  It’s The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. … More The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

Phantom of the Opera Review

I was young when I first read The Phantom of the Opera. I was attracted to it because of the theatrical essence of it and its Gothic origin.
The story is known, the telling of the pages has been done and redone in many ways, and so now, I never thought I’d say this but here is The Phantom of the Opera book review. … More Phantom of the Opera Review

The Phantom of the Palais Garnier

The novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra written by the French novelist, Gaston Leroux was first published on January 8th, 1910.
However, the story itself was separated in many sections to appear in Le Gaulois from September 23rd, 1909 and saw the final publication in 1910.
The inspiration for the Phantom came from the Palais Garnier… … More The Phantom of the Palais Garnier

VoicePlay A Unique A Capella Group

For this December, I’d share with you an A Capella group called, VoicePlay. I’ve wanted to write about these guys as far back as the Phantom of the Opera month. But I was not all that confident in my writing ability. … More VoicePlay A Unique A Capella Group

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

This first season represents an adaption of The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite. A limited six-issue series. The creator and writer being My Chemical Romance’s signer, Gerard Way. Both of which follows a group of seven super-powered foster siblings as they solve their father’s murder while trying to stop the end of the world. … More Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

Top 100 Best Horror Movies

At Gothic Bite Magazine we like our horror movies. To us, they all have a little something, therefore, hard to place in order! Each of us has a personal Top Horror Movies!
Either it is paranormal, slasher, torture porn or lighter movies. Here is our Top 100 Best Horror Movies’ List! Not necessarily in perfect order, but a spooky list to look at nonetheless! … More Top 100 Best Horror Movies

Just a Bit of Dark Shadows

While there are many television series, I could have chosen to be my choice for this month’s theme of Vampires the one that I chose is one of the beginning series. Dark Shadows Dark Shadows came to the TV screen back on June 27th, 1966. When we think of soap operas, the first thing we … More Just a Bit of Dark Shadows