Sexuality Among Satanists

Sexism, privacy, sexuality, choices, those are subjects that resurface in our era.

Some of us think that in 2018 those subjects shouldn’t even be a problem.

The reality proves otherwise but there is a place where it’s already accepted and welcomed. … More Sexuality Among Satanists

Living The Goth Life At Thirty-Five

Living the Goth life at thirty-five is not as easy as people think for we get the looks and people think it’s a phase when it’s a lifestyle. … More Living The Goth Life At Thirty-Five

Summoning Darkness In The 80s

Summoning darkness in the 80s comes as a horror comedy flick guaranteeing a laugh from you while remembering how the decade rocks! … More Summoning Darkness In The 80s

Angels Above Demons Below

Angels above Demons below is how we understand good and evil or heaven vs. hell, right? But the existence of Demons came from the fall of Angels, why? … More Angels Above Demons Below

A Satanic Panic Worth Watching

A Satanic Panic worth watching for the horror comedy and the many funny deaths happening while a satanic cult wants to bring Baphomet to life! … More A Satanic Panic Worth Watching

Magic and Satanism

Magic, as it is usually known, is something I wholeheartedly object to the existence of in our world.

Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and witches curses are in my opinion nothing more than fantastic examples of the human imagination. … More Magic and Satanism

Satanism Stereotypes

The timing of this article conveniently releases during a current scandal regarding Satanism in the media and visual entertainment.
More Satanism Stereotypes

Overview of Satanism

The Church of Satan, created by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966 that he named the Age of Satan by self-proclaiming himself as High Priest of the first Church of Satan saw the light of day in the sixties. … More Overview of Satanism

Paranormal Is It Fact or Faked?

The paranormal encompasses many subjects: Gothic, apparitions, monsters, vampires, nightmares, demons among other obscure things.
When one lives an unexplained situation often becomes obsessed with the paranormal and I always say it’s because of one word: the Unknown. … More Paranormal Is It Fact or Faked?

The Origin of Gothic

According to you what does the word Gothic means? Maybe it means a style, a state of mind, a rank or a thought. I propose to explain it to you. The Gothic environment is all around us from its musical influence to its architecture, its furniture and obviously, the individuals. … More The Origin of Gothic