Interviewing A Vampire Named Vlad Tepes

I am Vladislav Basarab Tepes III, once the ruler of Romania. When I woke up a vampire, I learned that I would become an essential piece on the monster chessboard. … More Interviewing A Vampire Named Vlad Tepes

Vampires Are Monsters Too

They would hang them on the front door with the mirror facing out or place them with the mirror facing out. … More Vampires Are Monsters Too

Nosferatu Redeems Dracula As A Vampire

Nosferatu redeems Dracula as a vampire due to its nature closer to animalistic and less focused on his status compared to plague instead of a monster. … More Nosferatu Redeems Dracula As A Vampire

Alleged Vampire Witch

Well, vampires became more popular following the end of the witch hunt. Their popularity gained after the infamous Salem Witch Trial. … More Alleged Vampire Witch

Vampire People Pt.1

However, Grando rose that night. The third version states that one of the men cut Grando’s head from his shoulders and that blood gushed from the sixteen-year-old corpse. … More Vampire People Pt.1

Vampires Donating Blood

According to the American Red Cross, approximately thirty-two thousand pints of blood are used each day in the United States. One pint can save up to three lives. … More Vampires Donating Blood

Great New England Vampire Panic

In the early years of American history, New England was full of superstitions about the supernatural. The church spread fears of evil which lead to the witch trials so famously diluted in our history books. Vampires were rumored to roam New England’ rural communities by night with reports documented as early as 1793. … More Great New England Vampire Panic

The Burial of Vampires

We might believe vampires don’t exist but back in medieval Europe it was common to protect oneself from a bloodsucking creature. … More The Burial of Vampires

Father Sebastiaan The Vampire and Fangsmith

According to a New York Times article written by Sam Kestenbaum, in the nineties, Sebastiaan self-proclaimed himself the King of the Vampires. The Vampire Community exploded at the time. … More Father Sebastiaan The Vampire and Fangsmith

Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D is one of those series that by the title of the show it can be guessed what the show itself, and its main character for that matter, are all about from the beginning. … More Vampire Hunter D

Vampire, The Community

Artemis Dai is our precious liaison to the Vampire Community and she prepared and article about a quick overall look at it.

You don’t know what a Vampire Community is? Come here to find out and catch up! … More Vampire, The Community

The Odd Origin of Vampires In History

The odd origin of vampires in history come from all around the world and while the creature is millennia old it still fascinates us to this day. … More The Odd Origin of Vampires In History

Vampire Community Lady Lovelace

I spoke with Lady Lovelace back in September. However, with the Paranormal Travelers Interview in the printed GBM magazine in October, I didn’t want this interview overshadowed. … More Vampire Community Lady Lovelace

Vampire Community – Lady Luna and the Richmond Court

Each month we sit down, virtually of course, with someone within the Vampire Community, and we talk about their views and their opinions on matters that are currently going on among the community itself.
More Vampire Community – Lady Luna and the Richmond Court

The Vampire Castle

The Alnwick Castle is located in the village of Northumberland in the old country of England, United Kingdom.
The castle dates back to the ninth century and is believed to be the home of a vampire. Here is the story of the vampire castle of England. … More The Vampire Castle

When Your Vampires Speak

It was five years ago that I started writing about vampires.  I planned out a thirteen book series.
I would be my first novel filled with intrigued and mysteries. Then, it stopped talking to me, and I diverged away…
Now, what to do when your vampires speak again? … More When Your Vampires Speak

Black Garlic For Vampires?

We are always looking for something new.  I’ve discovered not so long ago a new vegetable quite interesting.
Without any color, and I believe it to become trendy soon!  I would like to have you discovered what I find exciting and repulsive at the same time, black garlic. … More Black Garlic For Vampires?

Kerrelyn Sparks How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire Review

I must admit I read, Kerrelyn Sparks’s How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire a while ago, but I still remember it quite well, and I thought maybe it was time for me to do a review about the first book in the Love At Stake series that I read in two sittings. … More Kerrelyn Sparks How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire Review

Vampire Community Interview about Sanguivore by Artemis Dai

With each month we try to bring into the limelight someone from the Vampire Community that represents a unique perspective and this month it is about being a Sanguivore … More Vampire Community Interview about Sanguivore by Artemis Dai

Vampires What If They Were Real

I was just sitting here on my couch, my dog by myself, the fan and the heater are on at the same time. I looked outside and saw the darkness of the night. It’s 10:55pm. Then, it just hit me, “Vampires what if they were real?” … More Vampires What If They Were Real