Apex Legends Video Game Review

This article I’m doing a review of a game that just released on PS4, Xbox One and PC, I’m talking about Apex Legends. … More Apex Legends Video Game Review

Marvel Spider-Man Game Review

Well, in case you haven’t noticed the influx of Spider-Selfies that have been flooding social media as of late, there is a new Spider-Man game on your PlayStation 4. … More Marvel Spider-Man Game Review

Lindsey Stirling and the Phantom

I was first introduced to Lindsey Stirling when my friend Sarah shared with me the YouTube video of a medley from The Legend of Zelda, which is one of my favorite video games.
I was impressed watching her dancing while playing the violin, excellently executing the notes to the songs I loved from the games. … More Lindsey Stirling and the Phantom

Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D is one of those series that by the title of the show it can be guessed what the show itself, and its main character for that matter, are all about from the beginning. … More Vampire Hunter D

Mystery Man Interview

After some time now, I sat down with someone and had a one on one. If you remember, last month I spoke with the lovely Queen Lovelace in Richmond. … More Mystery Man Interview