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Gothic Bite Magazine came to life with one idea that happened one night when Alexa Wayne was watching her favorite cartoon series, Hotel Transylvania. Despite her love for the paranormal and especially vampires that goes back to her youngest age, the idea of a place for everyone to fit in surfaced only in December of 2017. 

A. Wayne Author Picture
A. Wayne Author Picture

Alexa Wayne aka A. Wayne always dreamed of creating a magazine. Although she knew it wouldn’t be about fashion or home furniture, she didn’t know what it would be about until she petted her little dog, Carey and realized she did belong in the Gothic community, not the stereotypical one everything thinks about when hearing a song from Marilyn Manson. It had to be for everyone.

The Original Ghouls!

That’s when the original team came together. Alexa called on her Phantom, Kendra Hale who asked the Gamer Mummy, her husband later on, Edward Hale who joined in 2018.

Gothic Bite Magazine Avatar Poster by Alexa Wayne
Gothic Bite Magazine Avatar Poster by Alexa Wayne

Then, the Librarian Ghost and Fire Demon joined in, Luna and Emberly. She knew she would need a photographer, so her best Djinn came to the rescue, Nanye, then Kelly Lambert joined as a helper and Malicious Unicorn and of course, her Skeleton decided to go in to play as her brainstormer and now, monthly writer, James Vaughan.

The Family is Expanding!

Another member walked in with much to offer and completed the circle, the Yeti, Artemis Dai with her amazing exclusive interviews. They were all set, no, not quite. Later on, the Swamp Witch, T.A. Patterson and her husband, the Werewolf, Paul Patterson decided to join forces with the team and one of the two lasts, but not least, L.A. Maciel, the Reaper herself, came in and following was Dora Esquivel, the Sugar Skull and now the magazine team was complete.

The Ghoul Family by Alexa Wayne
The Ghoul Family by Alexa Wayne

It takes many people to make a dream possible, but it was all worth it for Alexa Wayne who wanted to create a place for every paranormal writer to flourish. It wouldn’t be about fashion. Gothic Bite Magazine was for those of us who wish to know more about folklore, legends, hauntings, monsters, new art to discover and others we know about and wish to rediscover. This magazine is for the paranormal lover.

The Journey Just Begun

In October 2018, Gothic Bite Magazine and its Ghoul Family were able to publish their first printed issue for the Fall and paid tribute to the 300 Years Witch Hunt. Another dream accomplished for Alexa Wayne and the Ghoul Family and it was in December 2018 that GBM presented its very first anthology, Merry Krampus. Ideas and paranormal goes well together. With many other collections to come, another Fall special in the making for 2019, GBM is now finally opening its first online store!

Gothic Bite Magazine Issue 1 - Kindle Cover
Gothic Bite Magazine Issue 1 – Kindle Cover

Welcome to Asylum, welcome to your most beautiful nightmare!
The Ghoul Family

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