Alexa Wayne

My passion for vampires comes from a curiosity about what hides in the pit of the night, when the world is asleep and all falls silent. I wish to be brave enough to walk outside in the woods and look for myself and maybe see a being that shouldn’t be, but instead, I reach out to all that is available to me and research what is now often refers to as the paranormal.

My first novel series I have ever read on my own was Goosebumps by R. L. Stine who with his captivating spooky words, got me hooked on what could be strange and dormant until we lay our head down to sleep. Then, I discovered my the one author who would become my model and my favorite of all time, Stephen King.

Vampire Expert Logo by Alexa Wayne.
Vampire Expert Logo by Alexa Wayne.

Growing up in a small town, with woods far in the backyard, raised by my grandparents with many stories worthy of being told around a camp fire only fed my curiosity more about what could be out there where the eyes can’t see because it is too dark for the mind to even imagine what might be.

Growing up watching series such as A Haunting, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Are You Afraid Of The Dark to only name a few, I decided to keep a journal of what I would love the most. One word kept on coming back: Vampires. The idea of someone coming back from a side we know nothing of, immortal, immune to diseases, able to hypnotize and control its prey mesmerized me.

It was to the point where I wondered if it would be possible for beings as such to live in a world parallel to our own without us knowing about them? Of course I was still young and naive with an overactive imagination hoping that our world was not as gray as it seemed.

Lord Impaler Series - Mrs. Blackwood by A.D. Wayne
Lord Impaler Series – Mrs. Blackwood by A.D. Wayne

As the year went by, I collected more books about vampires, read all that I could about the paranormal and even romance to have a different view of the creatures. Some were monstrous while others were more dreamy, but one thing remained the same: THEY are the predators and we are the preys.

There are many world built around vampires from many culture and more than one authors. It is somewhat hard to depict where it all truly started for it seems that every culture has its own view on the creature and its own name and purpose. While some think they are vulnerable, others think they are demons. Just like mythology, vampires have found its way in almost every continent in every folklore.

Alexa Wayne by Alexa Wayne
Alexa Wayne by Alexa Wayne

It almost brings up the question : Were they ever real? Are they still among us? Were they visitors from another world or a race that we hunted to extinction?

Until I know the answer and am satisfied with it, I will not stop looking and writing and researching. Like a star in the night I will blink and shine upon the paths of those who walk the night and stalk the one I am looking for until I see his fangs to prove that my darkest passion always had a reason be.

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